Door Mats with Personality

It’s just a place to wipe your feet, right? Well, there are a whole bunch of folks who disagree. The door mat is the perfect medium for telling visitors what kind of person (or family) lives in your house. Here are 12 of our favorites:

We’ve all seen the typical “Go Away!” mats that are good for a chuckle even though they’ve gotten tired. This one has a fresh new spin:

Rude Yoda Doormat
Rude Yoda Door Mat

Some are more subtle about keeping out unwanted visitors…

Customer Service Door Mat
Vicious Dog Door Mat


Burglar Deterrent Door Mat

…while others don’t mince words.

Blunt Door Mat

Some are just plain corny, for those of us who like to make people snort.

Ding Dong Door Mat
Ding Dong Door Mat
Carpet Diem Door Mat
My Name is (Door) Mat

Have a messy house and a self-deprecating personality? These are perfect:

Happy House Door Mat
Messy House Door Mat

And for the techie (and lover of corny techie jokes), try these:

Enter Key Door Mat
No Place Like Home Door Mat

Tell us about your door mat!



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  1. Omg, those mats are cute, really cute! I would love to have one of them. Where can I buy those?

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