Bird Feeders That Double as Decor

There’s nothing that says spring more than a flock of inquisitive birds visiting your yard. Unfortunately, most typical bird feeders say eyesore.

…but not all of them! There’s no need to smear peanut butter on a pinecone and coat it in birdseed; no need to fill a clunky wooden house-shaped feeder with seed (that the squirrels will decimate anyway). These sophisticated bird feeders will not only not detract from your landscaping, they’ll enhance it!

This clever design keeps the squirrels out

Donut peanut bird feeder
Make a subtle pun with this egg-shaped bird feeder:
Birdy Bird Feeder
Keep the classic birdhouse silhouette with a fresh take:
Photo by Jeni Lee
Is this a sculpture? A bird feeder? Nope, it’s both (and priced appropriately…):
Akoris Garden Tuteur With Bird Cafe by TerraTrellis
(Here’s a closeup):
Wildlife habitat by TerraTrellis
Put a twist on outdoor lanterns:
Patio by SB Garden Design
Go chic with delicate blown glass:
Mouth-blown glass bird feeder by Eva Solo

Or try a DIY version (not quite the same, but a sort-of-similar effect for a lot less cash):

DIY glass orb bird feeder (click for instructions)

What birds do you hope to attract this spring?

(If you’d rather attract squirrels for some reason, forget about tackiness and just enjoy the awesomeness of this squirrel feeder):

Squirrel feeder