Top Tips for Surviving in a Small Space:

Small Home

Living in a small home can be so beautiful. It’s comfortable, cozy and quaint- when done right! Done wrong it’s a disaster!!! Small spaces require thought, careful planning and practical application. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty. Read below for tips on how to make your small space functional and gorgeous.


•     There are a lot of things you have to cut back on when living in a small space but a bed can’t be one of them! It’s definitely an essential item in any home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it smartly.

-Here’s a fabulous idea>

Under Bed Storage

•    Strategically placed mirrors can literally double the size of a room. Use as many mirrors as you can. A pretty and practical idea is a mirrored wall.

-Done gorgeously>

Mirrored Wall

•    Another way of taking advantage of mirrors is with furniture. Mirrored furniture bounces light effectively brightening small spaces. It’s also extremely elegant.

-This mirrored make-up table is sooo beautiful!>

Mirrored Furniture

•    Take advantage of as much natural light as you can. Nothing works as well as natures beauty

-This small city apartment really took the most it could>

Natural Light

•    Vertical stripes on walls and floor length curtains are two decorating ideas I have seen used to add height to a room with low ceilings.

– Seen here>

Verticle Striped Wallpaper and Floor Length Curtains

•    Select furnishing in same shade as walls (preferably neutral colors) so that the furniture kind of blends in & doesn’t give the impression of taking up room. But make sure to add bright pops of color in accessories to keep the room from looking bland.

Nuetral Color Furniture

•    Armless furniture & ottomans that have storage space are really smart!

– see how they take up almost no room>

Armless Sofa and Open Ottoman

•    Limited storage space in the kitchen can be tricky. This is one area where you really don’t want clutter or dirt & it has to be easy to work in.

– Use wall hooks to hang pots & utensils>

Wall Hooks

•    A bumped out wall or bay window adds a lot of space to a room and is cheaper then adding an entire room.

-This home extended the walls only slightly and effectively added a whole new dimension>

Bay Wall

•    Glass doors= charm, beauty, light & movement.
Glass Doors

•    A bathroom vanity is great for décor and brilliant for storage.

-This is such a great storage option>

Decolav Bathroom Vanity

•    This is one of the smartest architecture ideas I have seen recently in utilizing nooks & crannies.

Nooks and Crannies

•    A clear glass shower is really chic and it adds all that extra space to the bathroom. A claustrophobic bathroom is no fun and is a top turn-off in the house market.

Glass Shower

Here is another great item for a small home. Send us in your small space brainstorms- we love to learn from our followers!


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