The Propeller Island City Lodge

Holiday for Your Brain

In a world where everything seems so complicated The Propeller Island City Lodge is very real. This incredible work of art, by German artist Lars Stroschen, is an aesthetic sensation for the eyes and ears.

Propeller Island City Lodge- Castle Room
Castle Room

Propeller Island City Lodge began with just two rooms that Stroschen was trying to rent out in his home to bring in an income to fund his music career. He never imagined or intended for it to blossom into the world famous hotel it is today.

Propeller Island City Lodge- Coffin
Coffin Room

The hotel is literally a habitable work of art. Each themed room is unique, designed to invoke a certain mental state. The unbelievable creativeness attracts and invokes inspiration from famous personalities worldwide. The hotel is not a trendy designer hot-spot but rather a private planet that has evolved in exceptional synchronicity with the tastes of its creator. Every aspect of the design is unique to the hotel, created by the artist. Everything has a special function, nothing is mere decoration.

Propeller Island City Lodge- Mine room
Mine room

For those who desire freedom here is where you can find it. The unfolding mental universe of the hotel guests is the joy of the creator.

Propeller Island City Lodge-flying bed
Defying Gravity Room

The Propeller Island City Lodge is demanding but restrained, ironic but coy, an all-round work of art, including its resident sound-sculptures.

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4 thoughts on “The Propeller Island City Lodge”

  1. We visited the The Propeller Island City Lodge a few years back after going through a difficult experience in our lives. I can’t find the words to describe the place. It’s a deep feeling that just penetrates you’re being and helps you discover who you are and where you are headed. It was truly inspiring.

  2. The mine and coffin room are scary! BTW you have a great collection of pix on Flickr- I enjoyed browsing through them!

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