O’Neal…The retirement of a legend


As most of you probably heard the Boston Celtics player Shaquille O’Neal, better known as Shaq or plain O’Neal, has announced his retirement yesterday from professional basketball.  The 7′ 1″, 325 pound, shoe size 23 (I know-all astounding!) powerhouse left his mark on the NBA in more ways then one during his 19 year career. All over the internet bloggers are talking about the classy, sweet way he retired (with a smile:)), his enormous size, his larger than life personality, his impressive career line (Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, ETC,) and the dominant way he played the game.  What I want to talk about of course is his incredible house!

Shaq’s house, in Orlando, FL, is just plain incredible. Although the size is unconfirmed (anywhere from 25,000 to 64,000-debatable) is looks humongous- perfect for the big man himself. I’m going to show you the parts of the home I was able to get pictures of. There is not enough available so if any of you have more I would love to see them!

Enter the house tour of Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq-O'Neal-Mansion- Bird-eye-view



Shaquille O'Neal- Living-room






Check out the size! it’s really amazing. The home has 13 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a movie theater, cigar room, high end garage and of course an indoor basketball court. The pool is named “shaq-apulco”. You can’t miss the superman logo on Shaq’s 15’x30′ bed. O’Neal adopted superman as his “icon”, he has superman logo’s in random places around his home and even refers to himself as “superman”.

You can see more of the mansion in this portion of shaq’s MTV Cribs debut:

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If you have any more pictures of his home please share them HERE>

Inside the home of LeBron James>


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  1. Wow! For someone short and petite like I am, he is a real giant! I heard he has a gigantic desk – can you get a picture of that?

  2. Wow! He’s a big guy – and I guess that’s why he was sucessful as a basketball player! I like the entranceway to his home – and it looks nice an big too!

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