Mustique- A Mysterious and Mystical Place

Mustique Beach

I love viewing famous homes and celebrity mansions. They are an endless stream of design inspiration, and whenever I get the “designers block” I browse around online to get me going again. When I first read about the island that is exclusively for celebrities and royals I was fascinated. The mystery and beauty surrounding this island is magical, electric and the “villas” here are incredible- I must share it with you!

Fifty years ago a secretive and beautiful island in the West Indies came to life. This island was named Mustique by its founder socialite Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner. The Baron established a company on the island to run it and owned all the property for himself. In 1960 the baron gave a 10-acre plot of land to his dear friend Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, as a wedding gift. Thus began the celebrity playground it has now become.

Tommy Hilfiger-Mustique-Palm Beach-5

Mustique is now home to some of the most famous celebrities, designers, personalities and royalties of our times. It stays so exclusive because of the extreme measures taken to ensure residents privacy. There are only 80 homes on the island and anyone who lands there is screened. Additionally Mustique owns its air rights so the press can’t fly over it to get pictures.

Tommy Hilfiger, Brian Adam, Mick Jagger and Kate Moss are some of the noted land owners. Recently Prince William and Kate visited as a pre-wedding vacation. Amy Winehouse, Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Hurley have visited there too.


The only way for a “commoner” to get to this island is by renting one of the villas, minimum $7000 per night or by staying at the much cheaper Cotton House Hotel, starting at $630 per night. If this is still out of your budget you will have to settle for now, like I did, by just seeing the pictures.  The pictures alone are intensely inspiring  but I imagine the real thing is incomparable- Enjoy the pictures and I hope you get to visit there one day!


(almost no pictures are available of the homes interiors, as privacy is a major concern on Mustique. If any of you have any pictures I would love to see them!!!)

rosa_dei_venti-mustique villa


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  1. Wow – sounds pretty exclusive! Wouldn’t mind living on an island like that – but I’m not sure I would want to live among such competition.

  2. You don’t have to be rich to visit Mustique. You can take a ferry from St. Vincent and spend the day or you could charter a boat and sail there. I sailed in my $6,000 boat. I’m not famous nor rich.

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