Modern Decorating: Colors and Architecture 101

Modern Design Architecture

Dating back from the architectural styles of the 1930’s modern design is characterized by simplification of form and subtraction of ornament from structure. That’s not to say its cold, sterile and lifeless- quite the contrary! Today’s modern interior decorating is supposed to be welcoming, open, fresh and exciting. The wonderful thing about this style is that it’s equally appropriate for any space- from an office to a home and anything in between.


Modern design is defined by strong streamlined shapes, polished surfaces, and asymmetry. Designed correctly, with airy spaces and unadorned windows, this design style is intended to combine the interior décor with the exterior landscape creating a strong, beautiful expanse.

You can learn here the fundamental characteristics of modern style to create your own comfortable retreat. To get the look right it’s important to stick to some basic rules. Architecture and color are the most important factors to begin with so we will start with that.

Architecture and Color

Architecture: A hallmark of the modern design style is the focus on geometry and angular shapes. High ceilings, expansive walls and geometric shapes are all important. A bare open area is just as important as one filled with objects. In modern architecture the all important rule to remember is “less is more”. Each piece should stand out as unique and individual. Take advantage of the natural elements of the structure. Bricks, pipes and beams are all acceptable as a facet of the design and essentially add character and individuality to an area.

Modern Interior Colors

Color: The elemental colors in a modern home are based on a neutral palette. Black, white and neutrals are the predominant colors, with accessories and accents of meaning in bright bold color. This allows the objects or space that’s of significance in the design to take center stage. Modern décor is all about focusing on what you want to stand out and naturally directing attention toward it.

Modern Interior Architecture

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