Google Vanity

Every once in a while, when I’m seeking some “blogging inspiration” I like Googleing around and seeing what piques my interest. Today I got into a really strange mood and decided to test Google. Everyone says that the Google search engines are the smartest around, so I challenged them to see if the really are.

I kept Googling the _______  bathroom vanity– Here are the results:

Google Search: Simple Bathroom Vanity

Simple Bathroom Vanity

Google Search: Tiny Bathroom Vanity

Tiny Bathroom Vanity

Google Search: Traditional Bathroom Vanity


Google Search: Modern Bathroom Vanity


Google Search: Huge Bathroom Vanity

Huge Bathroom Vanity

Google Search: Fancy Bathroom Vanity

Fancy Bathroom Vanity

Google Search: Eclectic Bathroom Vanity


Google Search: Country Style Bathroom Vanity


Google Search: Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity

Google Search: Lovely Bathroom Vanity

Lovely Bathroom Vanity

Not bad huh? I took the first vanity that came up in every search. Pretty on the mark. I’m not so happy with the country style vanity, it looks more like Gothic to me, but aside from that I must say I’m impressed with Google’s taste! They passed the test!


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