Garden Design- Setting the Standard of Your Home

The opening impression guests receive of your home will certainly be from your garden. From the moment they turn into your driveway, until they reach the front door, your garden has plenty of time to set the mood. Make sure the first impression your home gives off is the one you want it to.

Garden Landscaping

Here are a few key points to take into account when designing your yard:

–    Just like the garden sets the tone for your home the entrance to your property is the first impression a visitor will get of your garden. Landscaping at the head of the driveway should be carefully planned and should not be an afterthought- Remember: this will set the standard for the rest of your garden and consequentially your home.

Driveway Entrance Landscape

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–    A border/fence surrounding the garden is always a good idea, if feasible. A border catches the eye better than an open ended area, it also gives structure and adds a “finished” look. If maintenance is not an obstacle by you a “living wall” of shrubs or trees is beautiful. A low stonewall is another stunning option. It is naturally gorgeous and virtually maintenance free.

Stone Garden Fence

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–    If you have a visual foundation, or long uninterrupted walls on the exterior of your home “foundation landscaping” is important. The name originates from the idea of hiding an exposed foundation- a building style which used to be very in style for its practicality. Exposed foundations are no longer very popular but the landscaping style serves another function by softening hard lines or boring walls of a home.  The foundation landscaping has to be designed carefully to work directly in conjunction with the architecture of the home.

Foundation Landscaping
The landscaping here works perfectly with the house, hiding the foundation and softening the stark siding.

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–    Create focal points in your garden: whether it’s a beautiful cluster of brightly colored flowers, a special plant or a large maple wood tree every element of design needs a focal point. A wonderful idea is to use a water fountain as a center point. Water is known to stimulate senses and has the added affect of sound- what could possibly be more beautiful and tranquil then the sound of rushing water?

Garden Focal Point

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