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Imagine having the opportunity to decorate your office space any way you like? Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Many of us are stuck in a cubicle exactly identical to the other 75 in our office with absolutely no option for change. That’s depressing, but for those of us who are lucky enough to have a space we can call our own TAKE ADVANTAGE! Chances are your office is where you spend a large amount of your time, so make it a place that will bring out your best and make you feel confident and comfortable.

Therapist Office Design- Kelley O' Gorman
Therapist Office Design

Now don’t tell me a recliner and TV is where you feel most comfortable. Your office has to be a place that keeps your mind strings going, gives you energy and gets you motivated. At the same time it should be desirable, at place you enjoy spending time in.

Before you begin planning anything in your space it’s a good idea to do some scouting. Look around at colleague’s offices or browse inspiration galleries online and see what really “picks you up”. Keep in mind that your office is not your bedroom. It does not need to be “comfortable” in that sense and it for sure shouldn’t be cozy (unless you’re an author or maybe a therapist). But you can make it into a home away from home, and soon you will no longer find yourself counting down the minutes till you can escape. There are ways to decorate your office with a warm personal touch while still making it conducive to productivity.

Elegant Office Design
Elegant Office Design

Your office is the place where you will be representing yourself professionally so put your best foot forward. You want your office décor to project a certain image. If you’re a lawyer or surgeon your office should project seriousness, trust and professionalism. If you’re in the media or art industry you may want something a bit more eclectic and original. If you are a designer your office must be totally chic and up-to-date

Whatever your situation is you should begin by planning what you must fit into your office space. Play around with the layout until you’re happy with it and you’re sure you have enough room for the essentials. Then you can begin with the fun stuff.

Home Office Design
Home Office Design

Don’t be afraid to mix different materials in the furniture. Wood, stainless steel, Lucite and numerous other materials can all work great together. Find furniture that provides optimum space, ultimate storage options and comfort. Closed storage space is very important because no matter what industry you are in you never want to look sloppy and disheveled.  You will want a shelf for all books and note books and a filing cabinet for your papers.


When it comes to your desk chair, sacrifice style for comfort. You may be sitting there for hours at a time so for optimal productivity it has to be ergonomically suited to you. You may love the way an upholstered wing chair looks but if you don’t feel comfortable in it you’ll end up suffering. It’s a good idea to have additional seating available if your office space allows for it. A couch can be very elegant or two chairs facing your desk. You can keep some stackable conference chairs in a closet for when you have a meeting in your office.

Inspirational Desk
Inspirational Office Desk

The key to decorating your office suitably is achieving the perfect blend of professional and personal- mix business and pleasure. Hanging some of your favorite art makes the space personal while at the same time giving off a cultured impression. On the wall behind your desk hang any degrees, certifications, award and plaques you have so guest can have a full view while talking with you.  You can also incorporate other forms of art such as sculptures.

Doctors Office Design
Doctors Office Design

Other ways to add a touch of personality to your office is with pictures on your desk (2-3 tops), a fish tank, a trendy lamp or beautiful rug. If you’re an avid collector you can display some of your favorite pieces and if you’re an athlete have a trophy shelf. Interesting lighting is a great way to spruce up a room and add character.  If you need a stress release or a way to overcome creative blocks think of something active (mini golf-putt?) that will get you on the right track again.

Chic Office Design
Chic Office Design

Make your office an enjoyable and stress free environment, a place you will enjoy spending time, all the while maintaining your professional image. The more pleasure you get from it the more you’ll achieve.


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  1. I really like the Therapist Office Design, looks really cozy!

    And wow those lights, check em out.

  2. We’ve been thinking of adding some flowers or plants to our office space. We’re just not sure if our manager will approve 🙂
    Maybe one day we’ll have our own space to decorate and keep your ideas in mind.

  3. I am also a fan of the Therapist Office Design, the warm colours and the lighting is great. It is always difficult to find the right lighting for your work place. Sometimes offices can look too sterile especially with fluorescent lighting. The choice of furniture and accessories is lovely too.

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