Color of the Month: Decorating with Yellow

The sun is out, and everyone’s moods have been magically lifted! Don’t you wish your home would be able to inspire the same cheer that a beautifully sunny day manages to evoke?

Good news: it can. Adding yellow to your house helps bring in the sunshine, even on dreary gray days. Here’s how to do it right:

Adding yellow to a bedroom is a delicate balancing act. It can breathe life into an otherwise bland room, but too much stimulation is obviously not recommended in a sleeping area. Incorporate pillows, lamps, throws, and smaller pieces of furniture in yellow (mixed liberally with neutrals) to brighten up a bedroom, or paint walls a more subdued shade of the color.

Follow the same rules when using yellow in a bathroom. Too much and you’ll want to shield your eyes when you stumble in to brush your teeth in the morning.
Yellow is perfect for kids’ spaces, and not just gender-neutral nurseries (though it certainly works there too). It’s fun, cheerful, and all-around kiddy; plus, it’s neither “too girly” nor “a boy color” and is mature enough for tweens and teens as they grow up.
Yellow kitchens are something of the past, to be avoided at all costs (Harvest Gold, anyone?), right?

Wrong! And these sunny specimens are here to prove it.

A yellow kitchen tends to give off a retro or country vibe, but it doesn’t have to:
While yellow may seem like a more casual color, it can be adapted to make a dramatic yet elegant statement in more formal areas throughout the house.
A basic rule of thumb for yellow is not to overdo it. Yellow, like other bright colors, will be overwhelming when used exceedingly; try it as an accent or one great statement piece, like a light fixture, chair, or sink.
Dainolite Yellow Mosaic Pendant
Dainolite Yellow Mosaic Pendant
Xylem Yellow Tiered Round Glass Vessel
Xylem Yellow Tiered Round Glass Vessel
And it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that yellow is an excellent color for outdoor spaces. Just don’t paint your entire house with it!