Cleverly Hidden Furniture

Short on space? Almost everyone is these days. And even if you’re not, these ingenious home furnishings are sure to make you swoon. Space-saving, multipurpose hidden furniture? Awesome.

Move over, Murphy bed. There’s a new crop of furnishings that outshine the efficiency of the ubiquitous folding bed design. Whether you’re living in a cramped studio, looking to streamline your clutter, or simply in the mood of an unusual piece of furniture, read on. These are the Swiss Army knives of furniture: modular, double-duty, Transformer-esque couches, workstations, beds, bookcases, and even kitchens.

Resource Furniture produces an entire line of “transforming furniture” for the whole house.


This humble bookcase may look ordinary, but in reality it’s anything but:

As If From Nowhere Modular System by Orla Reynolds

It’s made up of several units so that you can arrange it to fit your space. But that’s not all: did you spot the hidden table and chairs?

Just slide them back into their compartments when you’re done and free up your living space!

This modular kitchen is still just a concept by Fevzi Karaman, but imagine the possibilities:

Japanese manufacturer Atelier OPA makes fold-out furniture mobile and compact. When you’re finished cooking, eating, working, or sleeping, each module folds down to what appears to be a filing cabinet.

If you prefer your storage to double as a statement piece or to fade unassumingly into the background, consider disguising it as a wood pile. (Not such a great disguise if you don’t have a wood-burning fireplace.)


Wooden Heap by Boris Dennler
Wooden Heap by Boris Dennler

Work, play, and sleep in this compact all-in-one unit:

Convertible Workstation/Bed
Convertible Workstation/Bed

And last, but certainly not least: the modular home. The Boxetti collection by Latvian Rolands Landsbergs features pieces for every room: living, bedroom, stereo, workspace, and kitchen.

The coolest module by far: Lunch, the kitchen module. It includes an integrated sink and faucet, cutting board, seating, storage and fridge.

Which one of these pieces would you choose for your home? How would it change your life? Comment below and tell us about it!


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