At Home Spa Experience


In today’s stress filled, fast paced world relaxing at a spa can provide much need rejuvenation for your body and soul.  There’s something truly awe-inspiring and soothing about a really luxurious soak—but you don’t have to go to a four-star resort to get the experience. You can create a professional spa experience in your own home; all you need is the desire.

Masterbath Home Spa

Bathroom spas are never complete without a bit of luxury. Investing in some quality equipment will make it the “real deal” a place you will love and enjoy.

Rose Petals In Home Spa

MS-Blue-ChromatherapyCreate the true experience with a steam generator complete with chromatherapy, using colored lights in and around your tub to create an atmosphere to match your mood. Then consider adding air jets. Unlike the traditional targeted water jets, these can create a range of sensations—from delicate fingers to a rushing mountain stream—by emitting tiny sparkling bubbles.

Wood Home Spa

A smart idea for keeping in the warmth is investing in towel warmers, the ultimate for coziness and putting the steam units in the shower itself so that the heat doesn’t escape out.Oversize shower heads and pedicure sinks and tanning showers are also a very popular choice today.

At Home Spa Design Idea

Spa Candles, Towels and StonesMake sure to indulge in some beautiful accessories, luxury linens and essential bath oils to give the complete relaxing feel of a bathroom spa.


There are so many options and ideas to create the most incredible spa right in your own home. Look through the images below for some more fabulous ideas.


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