A Look Inside the World’s Most Expensive Home Ever!!!

Antilia-Mukesh Ambani
Antilia Exterior- Mid Construction

Mukash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, is the world’s 4th richest man and the 1st richest man in Asia. In 2005 Mukash’s wife Nita was visiting the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where she was inspired by the interior Asian décor. Her inquires about the designer led her to the firm Perkins + Will.

Mukesh Ambani Antilia Lobby
Antilia Lobby

The result is the world’s largest, most expensive, luxurious, over the top house ever! Named Antilia, after the mythical island in the Atlantic, the home has 27 stories with a full time staff of 600.

Mukash Ambani Antilia Bathroom
Antilia Bathroom

No two floors in the “home” are alike in design or materials.  The home includes 400,000 square feet of living space, a 168 car garage, a car repair center, 3 helipads, a health spa, yoga studio, theatre, swimming pools, hanging gardens, ballrooms and an ice room to name a few. Some Indians take pride in the showy house while others find it pretentious and uncaring to the mass population of malnourished Indians.

Mukesh Ambani Antilia Ballroom
Antilia Ballroom

The home, located on Altamount Road (the 10th most expensive street in the world), was constructed to withstand an 8-Richter Scale earthquake. Construction was marred a few times by legal issues but was completed in 2010 and was estimated at that time to be worth over $1 billion dollars.

Mukesh Ambani Antilia Modern Lounge
Antilia Modern Lounge

Antilia is home to Mukash, Nita and their 3 children.


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  1. WOW- Stunning house! But i’d rather be poor and live in a shelter, than look like Mukesh Ambani and have all the money in the world!!

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