7 Awesome Playrooms

Wouldn’t you love to be a kid again? There’s something about childhood that can never be recreated once you reach a certain age. But it seems like some homeowners and designers never quite grow up – and they have an incredible advantage over those who have lost their childlike wonder and imagination.

Here are seven examples of playrooms truly designed with the child in mind:

This one also seems to have been cleverly designed with the home’s adults in mind, too. (No more endless rainy days filled with “Mooom! I want to play outside! This house is so boring.”)

Have you ever met a kid who wouldn’t want to color on the walls? In this room, it’s not only permitted, it’s encouraged.

And speaking of coloring…

Here kids get a feel for what it’s like to live in a crayon box. What a bright and cheery space!
This one was actually done on a budget (for those of you muttering about winning the lottery):
The little built-in playhouse is just too cute.

And if you are lucky enough to be able to invest in a full-fledged kids’ dream, check out this transformed basement:

It has a stage, a police station with exquisitely detailed mural walls, a general store complete with shopping carts, and a lifelike concrete “tree” with a swing.

For the more mature kids in the family:

It’s a Lego room! Doesn’t every little boy – and big boy, for that matter – want a Lego room?

This one’s technically a bedroom, but it’s too amazing to leave out:

It has a pirate ship loft complete with ropes, ladders, a bridge, and a dungeon for locking up annoying little sisters. (This house also has a hidden slide leading to the basement, which features a climbing wall and ceiling as well as a virtual golf room. Talk about not losing that childlike whimsy!)

What did you dream of as a kid? Have you grown up yet?