Wake Up on the Right Side with a Coffee Station

How do you take your coffee? With an awesome coffee station right in your home, you may never feel the desire to enter a Starbucks again. Whether your coffee machine is single-serve or drip, French press, percolator, cappuccino or espresso, or even if you prefer – gasp! – instant, you can make your daily cup o’ Joe (or three) special by carving out space for a full-fledged coffee station with all your coffee needs.

Your coffee station can be in a dedicated cabinet or niche, a standalone piece, or even a built-in area:

Kitchen by Lauren Levant Interior


Kitchen by Partners 4, Design


Kitchen by Design Harmony


Kitchen by Jane Lockhart Interior Design


Kitchen by Kitchens Unlimited
Most people prefer to have their coffee in the area where they’ll typically drink it – the kitchen or dining area:
Kitchen by Alex Norman


Kitchen by LGB Interiors


Kitchen by Shenandoah Cabinetry


Kitchen by The Aldrich Group, LLC
Kitchen by Brian Gluckstein Design


Dining Room by Lavender Design Group
Dining Room by Beasley & Henley Interior Design
Others like to tuck it in the pantry or butler’s pantry:
Kitchen by Hart-Woods


Kitchen by Redstart Construction, Inc.


Kitchen by Teddy Edwards
If you’re a diehard subscriber to the Folgers motto and coffee is the best part of your morning routine (or you like decaf before bed), what could be better than a coffee station in your bedroom or bathroom?
Bathroom by Robare Custom Homes


Hallway by Carl Mattison Design


Bathroom by Barbour Spangle Design Group


Bedroom by Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry
For those who just can’t commit to a fixed space for the coffee station (or there’s not enough room for the bar of your dreams), try a mobile station. Just put everything onto a rolling cart and keep it where you please, when you please!
Dining Room by Stony Lake Furniture Co.


Dining Room by Cynthia Mason Interiors

Wherever you put it and whatever its size, be sure to include all coffee supplies in your station (otherwise, what’s the point?). Organize everything in drawers, bins, caddies, dishes, jars, bowls… get creative, but always have the basics on hand.

Your coffee station should include:

  • Coffee machine (duh) or hot water source (like a pot filler or instant hot water faucet)
  • Easy access to water
  • Coffee beans, pods, or grounds; tea bags, if that’s your thing
  • Add-ins of your preference: sugar, sweetener, creamer, milk (if you have refrigerated space), etc.
  • Coffee supplies: filters, stirrers, etc.
  • Space for mugs and saucers; hanging racks save space
  • Biscuits, muffins, scones, or anything else that you typically enjoy with your coffee

What’s your brew?