Summer Fun: Backyard Zip Lines

Wondering what happened to the good ol’ days of “go outside and play?” Kids today are so often plugged in to their devices all day, with structured days and precious little time (and interest) to run around and just play. If you’re looking to get your kids (or yourself!) out into the fresh air, consider adding your own home zip line!

You don’t need to be rolling in dough – all you need is two trees (or other sturdy anchors like a tree house, swing set, or platform) and a zip line kit, some of which cost under $80. Your kids will be occupied for hours and enjoy a surge in popularity with the coolest backyard in the neighborhood.

(No kids? No problem. These kits typically support over 250 pounds, so get on and ride!)

With options galore when it comes to zip lines – LED lighting! trapeze-style handles! seats! – you’re bound to find one that works for you and your yard. And did we mention that it’s great exercise? All that running back and forth to ride the zip line provides you with the cardiovascular workout you keep putting off, and the balancing act you perform to stay on the line works your core. Meet your new summer calorie-burner!

Slackers Zipline
Slackers Nite Riderz LED Zip Line Kit
Play House by Verner Architects
Double Zip Line by Treehouse Wizards
Yard by Clearwater Summit Group
Yard by Curve Interior Design Ltd
Backyard by Leaf Construction

(How awesome is that in-ground trampoline? What a perfect landing pad for the zip line!)

Photo by John Prindle
Treehouse by James Curvan
Landscape by REMARK

Bad weather? No yard? If you have the space (and the guts), go for an indoor zip line instead.

Indoor zip line, via
Basement by rossmönster designs
So stop scouting out pricey places to zip line with your family and start enjoying your own personal playground.