Four Ways to a Fabulous File Cabinet

It’s the bane of many a homeowner, a necessary evil (okay, maybe not that bad). Face it: even as the world is rapidly going paperless, there are still plenty of papers to be filed, and the standard piece of furniture designed for that very purpose – the file cabinet – is unsightly, to say the least.

But where there’s a problem, there’s also a solution. Decorators everywhere have found creative ways to make that file cabinet disappear, blend, or even look – could it be possible? – attractive.

Try one of these four tricks and banish the ugly file cabinet forever!

Camouflage it

Find somewhere to hide it, a place that you would never assume acts as a paper organizer. This does not necessarily have to be in your office, especially if you mainly store documents that you don’t use frequently.

Home Office by kellydigital


Entryway by Terracotta Design Build


Kitchen by Starline Cabinets

What ingenious use of otherwise unusable space!


Home Office by StyleHaus Interiors
Build it in
When the file cabinet looks like part of the furniture, it effectively loses that file-cabinet vibe – even if it’s still a plain, typically styled (read: ugly) piece.
Home Office by Gepetto


Home Office by InDesign / Lori Ludwick


Home Office by Nexus Designs
Multipurpose it
When is a file cabinet not a file cabinet? When it’s (also) an end table, entry table, printer cart… Get creative!
Kids’ Room by Liz Levin Interiors


Photo credit: Kailey J. Flynn Photography


Photo credit: Kailey J. Flynn Photography


Entryway by bright designlab


Home Office by Kimberly Niesz
Flaunt it!
No shame in enjoying your file cabinet when it looks as good as these statement pieces:
Home Office by SuzAnn Kletzien Design


Home Office by Marina Dagenais


Home Office by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs


Home Office by JC Buck
With cabinets like these, nobody opts for paperless!