Five Reasons Why You Deserve a Luxury Showerhead

Luxury showerheads do cost a bit of money in comparison to the everyday shower but-there are five good reasons why you, the consumer deserve to have a luxury shower head in your bathroom. Read on to find out why!

One of the top five reasons that many consumers are looking for luxury shower heads is the attention getting aesthetics that will be provided for any visitor that they may have. How much attention does a regular shower head that sticks out from the wall just a few inches attract? On the other hand, a huge rain-producing shower head that comes from the ceiling of the shower will bring many ooohs and ahhhhs from anyone.

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall

Creating fun for any user of your shower is the second of five perfectly good reasons for taking advantage of a luxury shower head. Seriously, fun is really the name of the game here. Standing under the water to get clean is one thing-but it can be totally boring, and definitely not relaxing. So why not have fun with the help of a luxury shower head?

Look for a shower head that can bend in two, or better yet, can bend into any angle with several jets coming out of it-and is still removable from the wall. This type of luxury shower head can always make for a great water fight for the big kids (adults) who are still interested in that type of thing.

Grohe Freehander Shower

Luxury shower heads definitely make function the third of the top five reasons to purchase one. Creating an environment that is functional yet luxurious is easily done with the aid of certain units that are chosen specifically to fit the needs of the consumer.

Jaclo Aquavolo Duetto Shower Head
Jaclo Aquavolo Duetto Shower Head

Looking for a rainfall shower head so that a wonderful massaging, relaxing shower can happen? That is certainly doable. So are the folding, rotating shower heads-and the simpler luxury shower heads that can be used by anyone but still feel as if they’re in an expensive hotel. Cleanliness of course, as well as relaxation are both definitely players in this particular part of the luxury shower head industry.

Jaclo Spa Collection Quadrato Light Rain Canopy Showerhead
Jaclo Spa Collection Quadrato Light Rain Canopy Showerhead

Fourth in the top five reasons are spas. Consumers who choose to use spas for relaxation will find that there are a number of different luxury shower  heads available at various spas-all over the country. Many spas will choose to use shower heads that can produce a rainfall effect, a jet effect for sore muscles or even a rotating windmill action for a combination of fun and massage.

Grohe Rainshower Body Spray F Series
Grohe Rainshower Body Spray F Series

Choosing which of the shower heads to use is of course, dependent on the clientele the spa intends to serve-upscale power brokers or the more athletically inclined. Athletes will look for serious massage, jet-like sprays to work the knots out of sore muscles-as opposed to upscale clientele who would prefer a softer, more soothing shower.

Finally, the fifth reason for getting a luxury shower head to use is the sheer overall pleasure that occurs from using one. Being surrounded by a jet, or a rainfall shower head, or a combination of them can make for heaven.