Exterior Shutters for the Modern Home

Exterior shutters have gotten a bad rap in recent years. Perhaps it’s because they’re often immobile and badly-sized, skewing the symmetry of the home, or because they are distinctly traditional, even old-fashioned, like these:

Exterior by Vivid Painting & Design
The shutters were clearly added purely as a design element; even if they’re operable, there’s no way they cover those windows.

But shutters can be incredibly useful: operable shutters have been used for decades – maybe even centuries – to control light, shield the home from wind, tempering heat, and keeping out noise and nosy neighbors.

Modern exterior shutters provide all of the benefits of historical shutters without resorting to the tired, ubiquitous shutters that most people conjure up when visualizing shutters. They may be sliding or louvered, bifold or swinging, contrasting or designed to blend with the cladding.

Traditional? Not these!

Exterior by Alterstudio Architecture


Exterior by YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona


Exterior by bureau^proberts


Exterior by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects


Exterior by Moussafir Architectes


Exterior by Sam Crawford Architects


Exterior by Martin Gomez Arquitectos


Exterior by Hufft Projects


Exterior by Voorhees Design


Exterior by Angus Mackenzie Architect


Exterior by Dom Arquitectura


Exterior by Join Constructions


Exterior by Vanguard Blinds
Best of all, they’re all fully operable to allow for better views and sunlight.

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