Autumn Leaves on Display – All Year Round

Before you know it, the trees (and sidewalks) will be ablaze with color (unless you happen to live in one of those seasonless places). Autumn is a fleeting season, characterized by a brief but magnificent display of color. For many, it’s the favorite season of the year, but the elements of it that endears it to us – brightly-colored trees, crackling autumn leaves underfoot, a refreshing nip in the air – lasts for a short time.

You can preserve nature’s bounty – leaves, twigs, berries – without feeling like a kindergartener making leaf rubbings.

Make bouquets or wreaths for a short-term solution (dry them to last longer):

Living Room by Zuniga Interiors
Hall by Bart Reines Construction
Entry by CMM Construction Inc.

Photo credit: Rikki Snyder
Living Room by moment design + productions, llc
DIY autumn leaves bouquet, via Design Sponge
Or get creative for something a little more lasting:
Kitchen by Norberry Tile & Plumbing Studio
Hall by Cuppett Architects
Alternatively, skip the live (or rather, dead!) leaves altogether and go with some awesome autumn art:
Bathroom by Pinnacle Architectural Studio
Living Room by Vibrant Canvas Prints

How do you keep autumn alive in your home?