Cool Coat Racks for Cool Weather

The temperature’s dropping and it’s just the beginning. Winter is a-comin’, everyone – there’s no denying that. Rather than wish away the onslaught of the cold weather – and the unruly piles of coats that come with it – embrace it and outfit your foyer or mudroom with a great new coat rack.

Coat racks have gotten a bad rap as eyesores, an unnecessary piece of furniture to stub your toe on and look messy. After all, why invest in a separate entity draped with coats that don’t stay on it when you can use a couch or chair instead?

These coat racks are going to destroy that sentiment. Not only are they functional and practical (because, let’s face it, nobody really wants coats flung over their couches), they’re design elements in their own right. Many even serve dual purposes!

First up: an updated twist on the literal coat tree.

Colore Coat Rack
Colore Coat Rack
Wall-Mounted Coat Tree, via
Wall-Mounted Coat Tree, via
R.T. Facts Wrought Iron Tree Coat Rack
R.T. Facts Wrought Iron Tree Coat Rack
DIY Twig Coat Rack, via AliDoesIt
DIY Twig Coat Rack, via AliDoesIt
Lots of new coat racks are designed to act as stand-alone pieces of art to conceal their very coat-rack-ness.
Floor Lamp Coat Rack
Ribbon Coat Rack

This one makes hanging your coat fun and actually encourages you to color on the walls:

Slastic Coat Rack

The pegs on this clever and colorful rack fold in when not in use. No more snags and head-bumps in the summer months!

coat rack design-SLpf

Need your coat rack to do double duty? These are for you.

This one includes a magnetic message board – you’re sure to see those reminders when you pick up your coat, purse, or keys:
Magnetic Message Board Coat Rack

Use a shelf/rack to stash more than just coats.

Slat Coat Rack

The interesting shape of this wall-mounted model features built-in phone and key storage compartments:



And to introduce some fun – and some fitness – into your daily routine, hang your coats and other paraphernalia from this rock wall coat hanger. You have to climb to reach your stuff!

Rock Wall Coat Rack

(But be honest with yourself – wouldn’t you just hang your coats on the lower “rocks” anyway?)


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    1. Hi Freida, which one are you interested in? You can click on several of them to find out where to buy. If the one that you like is not linked, post here and we will try to help you find it.

  1. Hi Yael, I would love to find out where to purchase/price of the 3rd wall mounted art piece (tree featured) and the wall mounted wooden piece with storage for keys etc. When I click on each image They are not hyperlinked to any buying information. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting! The wall-mounted tree was custom-designed, and the wooden piece with key storage included plans for a DIY project that is unfortunately no longer active. I hope you find something that you love soon!

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