Top Vibia Lighting Fixtures

Vibia lighting is about design and life. Vibia composes its inspired fixtures to meet the lifestyle of its users by allowing endless customization, a wide palette for personalization and impeccable taste and style. Check out some of these top Vibia lighting fixtures:

Vibia Millenium Wall Lamp T-5 Mini

The Vibia Millenium Wall Lamp T-5 Mini was designed by Ramos & Bassols. With a chrome finish and a polycarbonate diffuser, the Millenium lamp sheds soft, pleasing light without the sterility of typical fluorescent fixtures.

Vibia Alpha Satin Nickel Wall Lamp

Also designed by Ramos & Bassols, the Alpha series provides stunning wall lighting to illuminate hallways and provide dramatic ambiance to any room. This lamp has top and bottom lights to give a symmetrical look.

Vibia Beta Wall Lamp

The Vibia Beta wall lamp evokes a modern re-imagining of a wall torch. It extends boldly into the room space without being intrusive and provides unique mood lighting.

Vibia -CFE Puck Top Ceiling / Wall Light

Designed by Jordi Vilardell, this cluster of lights give a clean, organic character to your room. Ideal for high ceilinged, carefully composed spaces, the Puck series stresses continuity and a natural look and feel.

Vibia Forest Pendant Fixture

Another Ramos & Bassols design, the Vibia Forest pendant fixture hovers serenely over a dining room table or makes a distinguished statement in a conference room. Made from chrome with a wengue wood diffuser, the Forest series has an alluring texture and an intuitive form and function.

Whether you are giving your bathroom the perfect mood lighting or making a bold statement in your office or living room, Vibia provides the highest level of style and artistry. Because illuminating a room shouldn’t just be a matter of shedding light on a subject, Vibia designs its light fixtures to add a touch of inspiration to any room.