Light Up Your Bathroom… Naturally!

It’s a common (and understandable) dilemma: you want natural light in your bathroom, but don’t want to leave yourself exposed to unwitting Peeping Toms.

Maybe you don’t want to bother with expensive window treatments, or your bathroom doesn’t have a window at all, but all design experts agree: natural light is best in the bathroom. It makes the room look bigger and provides the best light for shaving and makeup application. So how can you get it?
Perfect solution: a skylight!
So if you’re too shy to consider a bathroom like this one:
…allow yourself the luxury of natural light without compromising on your privacy standards!

1 thought on “Light Up Your Bathroom… Naturally!”

  1. Natural lighting is one the best assets of a bathroom. But in most of the bathrooms we cannot bring lighting facilities with the help of windows. My bathroom doesn’t have a window either. I managed it by putting art works on walls and went with a shower curtain which added brightness to the room and also bought bright accessories.

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