Tickle Your Antiquity With These 5 Antique Vanities

imageq8222ls1Looking for something that is rustic, elegant or antique styled to replace that vanity in the bathroom and that can be useful at the same time?  Consider tickling your desires for antiquity by using an antique vanity instead.  Antique vanities serve the same purpose as any modern day vanity, but with more class and style than modern-day vanities do.  Below are five different examples of antique bathroom vanities to check out.

Empire Lido Collection Bathroom Vanity


Part of the Empire Lido collection of vanities, this 36 inch antique vanity will fit right into the household that is being re-decorated in the lovely late 18th to early 19th century.  Claw feet hold this vanity up so that there is breathing room underneathóand the storage space underneath is quite ample as well.  Elegant hardware and a granite top make this antique vanity something that will fit into many Empire renovated homes.

Empire Bordeaux BO36 Bathroom Vanity Wood Vanity

Looking for an Empire style antique vanity that will fit nicely in that newly renovated bathroom?  This 36 inch Bordeaux antique vanity is the perfect size to fit into many bathroom renovations for the family seeking to add in more class.  Options for sink color are available, and consumers may order this gorgeous vanity with or without the truffle marble.  Two doors allow plenty of access underneath, and give consumers lots of room for storage.  Claw feet allow room underneath as well, and give that elegant visual view that many customers expect to see with Empire style pieces.

Fairmont Designs Estates V36 Bathroom Vanity

Antique buffs who like solid pieces that sit directly on the floor, yet still have style and elegance should consider taking a look at these Fairmont Estates products.  This particular antique vanity is 36 inches wide, with corbel detailing on it.   Undercounter lavatories are an option, as are granite countertops.  For buyers whose needs are larger, these particular Fairmont Estates vanities also come in 48 and 72 inch sizes as well.

Ambella Home Monticello Vanity

Full of storage, this antique Monticello style vanity will most certainly please any antique buyer looking to renovate their bathroom.  At almost 64 inches wide, this vanity has plenty of storage space in the drawers.  There is plenty of room for almost anything to go anywhere, and of course, the doors underneath provide storage as well.  Done in an antique white color, it can blend in with almost any decor.

Ronbow Bordeaux Vintage Collection

Colonial antique collectors who are looking to renovate their bathroom should consider the Bordeaux style antique vanity.  Done in a gorgeous colonial cherry finish that is polished to a high shine, this small little vanity will fit right into a small bathroom that is being renovated. Use more than one in a larger bathroom next to each other.  Standing on claw feet, with a backsplash and stone countertop of its own, this Bordeaux antique vanity draws the eye into the room in appreciation.

Why not take the time to check out the many different antique bathroom vanities.  There are plenty of options for bathroom vanities to suit any antique collectores needs.