There’s Always Room for a Small Vanity

Just about everyone has a too-small bathroom. If you’re lucky, it’s an “extra” one that you can use as a powder room or seldom-used guest bathroom. But for most regular folk, that bathroom is an important one.

The experts advise pedestal sinks and consoles to give the room an open feel. Which is a great idea, provided you don’t need anything more than minimal storage space. If you do need that space (and badly!), consider a small vanity – many measure under 18″ – to provide much-needed storage in the same amount of space that a pedestal would consume.

This diminutive model is sleek, stylish, and, most importantly, sensibly outfitted with a deep drawer and bonus shelf for maximum space:

Duravit 2nd Floor Floor-Standing Vanity Unit

Close that bottom shelf to stash even more inside (especially if [your name] and “neat freak” will never, ever, be uttered in the same sentence):

Ronbow Juliet Vanity

Frosted glass doors hide the contents of this compact vanity while contributing to much-needed airiness in a narrow bathroom:

Ronbow 033615-H01 image-3
Ronbow Contempo Vanity

Maximize every inch of available space with a storage powerhouse like these; they look (and act) like larger vanities, just compressed to fit your space:

Empire Chelsea One Door/Two Drawer Vanity
Fairmont Designs Shaker Americana Vanity

Who said practicality can’t be pretty? Not this beauty:

Foremost Shiloh Vanity Combo

If your bathroom has the proper structure for a wall-mount, that may be your perfect solution. Just be aware that wall-mounted vanities physically cannot provide the same amount of storage space as floor-mount vanities of similar widths, so if a wall-mount meets your storage needs adequately, go for it! The style will give the room an illusion of openness thanks to the cleared floor space.

This rounded model may seem like it sacrifices space for style, but its cleverly designed doors conceal a surprising amount of cabinet space:

Duravit Starck Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit

A pale finish can make a cramped bathroom seem bigger:

Ryvyr Tyne Wall-Mount Vanity

Can’t decide how you want to mount it? This versatile piece has optional legs for wall or floor mounting:

Laufen Kartell Vanity

Or, if you prefer the sleek minimalism of a pedestal but can’t afford to give up the space, try a vanity with a nearly invisible integrated handle to hide that desperately needed cabinetry as well as possible:

Laufen LaufenPro Vanity

How do you store your stuff in a space-challenged bathroom?