Introducing 3 New Vanities by Sonia

If you’re in the market for a modern, sleek, compact yet spacious wall-mounted vanity set, look no further than the newest collections by high-quality manufacturer Sonia! Each of these three sets is versatile and configurable, featuring clean lines, ample storage space, and excellent craftsmanship. Check them out!

Scalene Collection

I’ll start with this one because it’s my favorite. I love the unusual angles, dozens of two-tone finish combination options, and coordinating sink choices. It provides a surprising amount of storage space, considering its space-saving design, especially when you choose the full set (consisting of the vanity, wall vitrine, and mirror or mirrored cabinet). The color and configuration options – five different vanity sizes, including one with two bowls! – ensure that you’ll be able to match all of the pieces effortlessly and that you’re sure to find one to match your bathroom and suit your lifestyle!

Sonia Scalene 39″ Vanity Set with Vitrine & Mirrored Cabinet
Sonia Scalene 66″ Vanity Set with Two Mirrors
Sonia Scalene 51″ Vanity Set with Mirror
Sonia Scalene 54″ Vanity Set with Mirror
Sonia Scalene 27″ Vanity Set with Vitrine & Mirror

With so many choices, you can make it work anywhere!

Puzzle Collection

The Puzzle vanity is great because of its ability to fit into any space – hence, the most appropriate name! Like puzzle pieces, the separate right- or left-jutting units fit together with a side unit (featuring a drawer or door) for a seamless larger vanity or can be hung individually to squeeze into hard-to-configure bathrooms. Like the Scalene vanity, the Puzzle is available in an array of colors and can be two-tone. Add a matching towel bar (which can function as a built-in soap dispenser holder, freeing up counter and wall space) and your bathroom is ready to go.

Sonia Puzzle Right Base Unit
Sonia Puzzle Right Base Unit with Drawer Side Unit
Sonia Puzzle Left Base Unit with Door Side Unit

I like the Puzzle because it can look totally different in various settings – so many options! It’s perfect for small or oddly shaped bathrooms.

Reverse Collection

The Reverse makes a statement with its simplicity and interesting details. It’s modern but classic at the same time (if that’s even possible). I love the wide sink with its funky lines and its compact look that hides lots of storage space. This one doesn’t have as many color options as the Scalene or Reverse, but its matching vitrine always catches my eye – I like how its one open shelf on the bottom makes it both practical and decorative.

Sonia Reverse 39″ Vanity with Two Wall Vitrines, Ivory
Sonia Reverse 31″ Vanity with Wall Vitrine, Graphite
Sonia Reverse Top View
Sonia Reverse Vitrine, Open

Which one would you put in your bathroom?