Water, Water, Everywhere… Meet the Wet Bath

It’s become increasingly popular in Europe, but aside from RV configurations the wet bath has not quite taken off in the US. It’s a brilliant concept: tile the entire bathroom, put a drain in the center, and do away with separate shower areas. For everyone who would love to turn that tiny half-bath (or even a closet) into a full bath, it is indeed possible! Check out these ingenious wet baths for inspiration and help popularize the idea.

Photo by David Churchill – Architectural Photographer
Bathroom by J.T. McDermott Remodeling
Bathroom by Winder Gibson Architects
Bathroom by Susan Klimala

If you have a bit more room, you can cordon off the shower if you so wish. Use a curtain or a slim divider to define the shower space and keep the rest of the bathroom drier.

Bathroom by Schwartz and Architecture
Bathroom by roomTEN design
Bathroom by carde reimerdes

 Just be aware that you’ll need one of these – a toilet paper holder with a cover – to keep your toilet paper from getting soggy!

Hansgrohe Axor Citterio Toilet Paper Holder with Cover

Depending on where you put the shower head, you may want to recess shelves or a linen tower for towels and/or look for a cover to keep the toilet dry too.

Would you do it? Is it worth the effort to keep it dry or would you rather keep your half-bath?


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  1. Saw the wet baths in Europe & thought they were BRILLIANT! I plan to have ALL wet baths in our new home…..so practical…..& functional! You can make them as large or small as you want!😉

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