The Twinline: Innovative Tub Shower

The newest bathroom trends include separate tubs and showers. No space? Decorators will assure you that you can remove the tub entirely without affecting resale value. We’re skeptical; the no-tub master bath will one day be a vexing relic of the early 21st century design era. Tub/shower combos are unfortunately branded as old-fashioned despite their versatility. One tub shower, however, is going to smash that stereotype.

The Twinline, manufactured by Acryline, is changing the face of tub showers. Its stylishly modern appearance and cutting-edge features ensure that it will never be considered impractical.


Available in alcove and corner configurations, the Twinline tub is wide, deep, and comfortable. Its unique integrated shower enclosure features a built-in door close to floor level for easy access – eliminating the need to step over the bath ledge like in typical tub showers and allowing for more depth in the tub.


The Twinline door is cleverly connected to the drain; when the drain is closed, the door locks securely to prevent accidental opening when the tub is full. It is equipped with a continuous gasket for a perfect seal, much like a regular walk-in tub. The low threshold is ideal for users with joint problems or difficulty stepping in and out of a standard tub.


The tub’s space-saving design includes easy-clean treated glass, an integrated tub filler, and an inward-opening door.


The sleek unit is available in four modern finishes: white, jet black glass, arctic white glass, and tile-ready to complement – or stand out in – any bathroom.


Don’t get rid of your bathtub – replace it with the revolutionary Twinline, coming soon to Quality Bath.


5 thoughts on “The Twinline: Innovative Tub Shower”

  1. I really like these new walk-in style tubs. They are ideal for retired individuals, who would like to have a tub but not have to step up and over in order to get in.

    Do you know if they have full wrap glass or if you are limited to the half wrap?

  2. Can I have the shower section on the left side, but I will need the walk out on the right side (back end)

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