Mirror, Mirror… Not Just for Walls

For a room that’s the fairest of them all, consider adding mirrors in unconventional places. Mirrored surfaces tend to make a room look larger and lighter, and who doesn’t want that?

Think beyond the wall. Mirrored furniture and fixtures are currently trending but they work with every style – traditional, modern, contemporary, minimalist, rustic, you name it. The mirrors can be smooth and shiny or weathered, crackled, or pockmarked – whatever floats your decorative boat.

Start small if you don’t like to see your reflection much; pick up a mirrored accessory.

Arteriors 3137
Arteriors Cinchwaist Oval Iron/Mirror Tray
Accent Decor Dazzle Vases

If you’re a bit more adventurous (and committed), move on to reflective accent furniture (a popular choice these days and thereby fairly easy to find):

Arteriors 6554
Arteriors Nick Antique Brass/Glass/Mirror Side Table
Howard Elliott Twist Mirrored End Table


Arteriors 5235
Arteriors Remington Veneer/Wood Solids Ant Mirror Cabinet
Lauren Collection Accent Table
Lauren Collection Accent Table
Arteriors 5350
Arteriors Saba Walnut Solids/Mirror/Brass Dressing Table
Arteriors 6797
Arteriors Othello Iron/Mirror Console

Don’t limit mirrors in the bathroom to the medicine cabinet. You can mirror your sink, walls, vanity, and even bathtub for a dazzlingly shiny room.

Decolav 1285-P
Decolav Simply Stainless Square Vessel
Cole & Co. 11.22.275552.13
Cole & Co. Designer Series Lindsay Vanity
Cole & Co. 11.22.275544.13
Cole & Co. Designer Series Kelley Sink Chest
WETSTYLE C Collection Stainless Steel Console
Slik Portfolio CI6832M
Slik Portfolio Cast Iron Freestanding Mirror Soaker Tub
Mirror subway tile

Even your kitchen can get in on the fun. Mirrored backsplashes and cabinet doors can visually double your kitchen size, making it feel more open and airy.

Kitchen by Lee Hardcastle
Photo by Mary Prince Photography
Kitchen by Morgante Wilson Architects
Mosaic mirrored backsplash
Mirror tile backsplash

How much of your face do you want to see throughout the day? What’s reflective in your house?