Lighter Than Air: Floating Furnishings

They’re touted as space-savers, but floating home furnishings are popular for many other reasons. For one: they look incredibly cool. Other (more practical) reasons include extra floor (and sometimes wall) space, easy cleaning, and an illusion of larger rooms. Mounting various furnishings to the wall or installing pieces with unobtrusive bases sometimes requires special equipment and reinforced walls, but not always; there are plenty of opportunities to float.

We present, for your viewing pleasure and inspiration, ideas to create your very own incredible floating home:

The floating bedroom:

Bedroom by Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling
Photo credit: Aristea Rizakos
Bedroom by Kia Designs

The floating bathroom:

Bathroom by Yorkville Design Centre
Saniflo Sanistar Wall Hung Macerating Toilet
Bathroom by Dyna Contracting
Native Trails Renewal Series Wall Mounted Halcyon Floating Vanity
Electric Mirror Silhouette Lighted Mirror
Eago Square Modern White Ceramic Wall Mounted Toilet
Bathroom by 186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell

(It’s incredible that no part of this bathroom seems to be touching the floor!)

Sonia Fractal Wall-Hung Console

The floating common area:

Living Room by yamamar design

(Okay, so you can see the legs, but only if you look closely, so it still counts)

Entry by Jennifer Weiss Architecture

The floating staircase:

Staircase by AR Design Studio
Staircase by Railinglondon ltd

And even a floating kitchen:

Kitchen by Foursquare Builders
Kitchen by Designers H3K Design
Kitchen by Roundhouse

What would you float if you had the chance?