Add Flair with a Freestanding Faucet

There’s something inherently cool about a freestanding faucet. Maybe it’s the novelty factor; perhaps its the overall grandeur of an oversized fixture. Regardless of what makes them awesome, floor mount faucets are the perfect way to add some zing to any bathroom. A striking freestanding faucet is practically sculptural, elegant, and undeniably eye-catching.

Aside from the coolness factor, a freestanding faucet can make bathroom space planning easier. While they’re traditionally popular as tub fillers, many are specifically designed for use as a lavatory faucet for handwashing and may be installed practically anywhere in the bathroom.

Break free of space and plumbing constraints with one of these beauties:

Graff Phase Floor Mounted Vessel Filler
Vola FS2 Freestanding Floor Mounted Basin Faucet
Graff Sade Floor Mounted Vessel Filler with Deck-Mounted Handles
Graff Targa Floor Mounted Vessel Filler
MGS Contemporary Beauty Freestanding Faucet
Graff Sento Floor Mounted Vessel Filler
Titanium 22 freestanding faucet
Watermark Titanium 22 Hydroprogressive Floor Mount Freestanding Lavatory Faucet

Which one’s your favorite?