10 Bathroom Designs Ideas

Sprucing up a bathroom used to mean picking up the wet towels and wiping the scum out of the soap dish. Nowadays, bathrooms are little slices of a family’s character. They can be both fun and functional. Here are a few bathroom designs ideas for families of any income:

  1. Grandma’s House – Hang crafts and country-themed photographs on the wall. Use baskets for storing toilet paper and towels. Finish it off with a few decorative soaps in a small glass dish. Remember what Grandma said, though, they’re for decoration not washing.
  2. Toon Town – Choose one of your favorite cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, and paint the bathroom in that color, such as black, red and white. Print out a few pictures of Mickey for the wall. Set small figurines on the shelf. And be sure to color coordinate the shower curtain, rugs and towels.
  3. Zen – Make the bathroom a peaceful retreat, by painting the room in earth-tones, such as brown, green and tan. Consider bamboo fixtures, and stone for the wash basin. Rattan mats can be used outside of the tub, and rocks can be used for decoration. One of several perfect bathroom vanities would help complete the “Zen” look. Consider adding a Jacuzzi Tub for aquatherapy treatment. Just follow the basic rule of “Keep it Simple.”
  4. Aquatic Whirlpools
    Aquatic Whirlpools
  5. Ocean – One of the most popular bathroom decorating ideas is the ocean theme. Visit any local department store to find ocean-themed toothbrush holders, shower curtains, towels, and more. If you’ve visited the ocean, consider putting a glass jar filled with sea-shells on a shelf.
  6. Patriotic – For those in the USA, you can never go wrong with a traditional Red, White and Blue theme. Since most fixtures are white, simply buy some red and blue towels and mats. Hang a nice flag on the wall. Then consider color-coordinated soaps and tissue boxes.
  7. Minimalist Color – Make your white bathroom fixtures stand out by painting the room in a dark, bold color such as navy blue. Accent the room with a slightly lighter shade of the same color. Finally, purchase towels and mats that are again, one shade lighter. You may want to start with deciding on the color of the towels and mats, and then work your way up.
  8. Museum – Make your bathroom an art museum. Simply print out several of your favorite paintings, and frame them. Cluster the frames on one wall, so they are nearly touching. Choose one of several decorative bathroom vanities out there to meet your theme. For the shower curtain, visit your local fabric store and purchase an artistic swatch, then sew it to a plastic liner.
Antique looking Bathroom Vanities and more.
Antique looking Bathroom Vanities and more.

A few bathroom vanities, bathroom faucets and tubs to help you design your new bathroom ideas.