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ItalBrass makes the coolest vanities for people with personality. Are dogs your thing? Or maybe butterflies? Or do you love bright splashes of color? Whatever it is you can be sure to express the unique you, and create a bathroom that will make a fantastic design statement, with an Italbrass bathroom vanity.

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Is A Blue Bathroom Vanity For You?

I love colored furniture. I don’t mean brown, black or white. I mean deep reds, washed out yellows, dark gold, blue in all shades . Especially blue, I love blue. It always reminds me of the summer sky and beautiful oceans, my two favorite things.

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You may not have heard the fabulous new- Quality Bath is hosting another one of their incredible contests. This time the winner will receive a TOWEL WARMER! Who wouldn’t want a heavenly, warm towel to step out of the shower into???

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