Color of the Month: Decorating with Red

Crimson. Scarlet. Cherry. Tomato. Fire-engine.These are not muted, “safe” reds, the dark reds, the blue-toned reds – we’re talking about the intense, bold, brilliant reds. And we love them.

Red is dramatic and makes an undeniable, impossible-to-ignore statement. Because of its natural in-your-faceness, red is generally best paired with neutrals, especially white and black for classic contrast, wood, and metallics. Somehow, though, red seems to complement nearly every color, as you’ll see in the pictures below. Just be sure that you know what you’re doing or hire someone who does!

It’s also a versatile shade, working well with traditional and modern styling alike and applicable to every room. It’s particularly good for food-related spaces like kitchens and dining rooms due to its appetite-inducing powers (maybe not a good choice for those who are perpetually dieting…). It even works in restful spaces like bedrooms, when balanced with neutrals, pastels, lots of good light and/or high ceilings.

While many choose red as an accent or accessory color – a safe route that still effectively adds zing to a room – the truly daring may opt for red as a main color, even saturating a room in it. It’s warm, vibrant, and energetic.

Before you start visualizing rooms out of horror films, check out these fabulously rooms where red is the main color – on walls, cabinetry, or even flooring:

Kitchen by Kleppinger Design

Bedroom by Mary Cook

Powder Room by Webber + Studio Architects
Kitchen by Rysso Peters

Living Room by LOCZIdesign
Kitchen by Amazing Spaces

Bedroom by Camber Construction

Living Room by Dillard Pierce Design Associates
Kitchen by Inform Interiors 
Bathroom by Famosa – The Surface Studio

Photo via Apartment Therapy &
Kitchen by Planet Furniture

Living Room via
 Of course, you can go with red as an accent color – from small accessories to light fixtures to furniture to rugs to feature walls – to get your feet wet:
Kitchen by Jayson Pate Design

Dining Room by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Dining ROom by Laura Kirar Design
Italbrass TanteAnte Vanity
Kitchen by Susan Brook Interiors

Dining Room by Ohashi Design Studio
Living Room by Brian Patterson Designs, Inc.

Kitchen by TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

Dining Room by Nest Designs LLC
Bissonnet Colors Collection Wall-Mount Console
Bedroom by Heartwood Corp
If you’re not brave enough (or are not quite sure if you really love the red enough), take it outside. Red pops against the natural hues of the great outdoors, which is one of the reasons that many choose it as a front-door color.
Entry by Ana Williamson Architect

Pool by Da Vida Pools, LLC, Andre Del Re & Lisa North, CBP

Porch by Goforth Gill Architects
Entry by Nick Deaver Architect
How much red are you willing to risk?