Luxury Living: Wine Cellar Splendor

Fantasizing about winning the lottery? If a wine cellar tops your list of wants, check these out. We’ve found ten of the most incredible wine cellars – get ready for the green-eyed monster!

1. This beautiful waterfront property in Australia may not look like much…

Photo credit: Charlotte Peterswold

…but beneath the surface is a nine-story excavation, not featuring much except a massive wine cellar:

Photo credit: Charlotte Peterswold
Photo credit: Charlotte Peterswold


2. A humbler offering, but still light-years away from the countertop wine rack:

Via Huffington Post

3. A wine cellar door that looks like a wine barrel? It’s Wineception!

Wine Barrel Cellar

4. Floor-to-ceiling (and then some) bottles. Is this what vinos dream of?

Via Huffington Post

5. If you have a silo, what else would you do with it besides turn it into an incredible spiral wine cellar?

Exterior by Carney Logan Burke Architects
Exterior by Carney Logan Burke Architects

6. Intruder? Zombie apocalypse? No problem. There’s enough wine under this floor to last you… long enough that you won’t care anymore.


7. What is it about wine cellars that makes you want to shroud them in secrecy?

Wine Cellar by Michael Bell Architects

8. The only thing cooler than this awesome LED wine cellar?

Wine Cellar by Beckwith Interiors\
The glass floor of the room on top of it!
Living Room by Beckwith Interiors

9. At first glance, this one’s impressive but not that cool. Then you notice the floor…

Wine Cellar by Ultra-Mod Home Concepts
It’s made out of corks!

And last, but most definitely not least…

10. This jaw-dropping design is just too awesome for words.

Landscape by Billy Beson Company

Step on the stones and the waterfall stops!

Now that you’re thoroughly jealous, you can get a bit of that wine-enthusiast look in your home at a more affordable price with a great wine barrel vanity:

Premier Copper Wine Barrel Vanity with Copper Sink
Native Trails Bordeaux Wall Mount Vanity

Okay, not the same, but it’s a good consolation prize.

Given unlimited funds, what would you do to your home?