Introducing: The Latest in Toilet Technology

Okay, so it doesn’t sound so exciting. I mean, what could be so great about a toilet? Toilets are primarily regarded as purely functional in your average bathroom. Not much to get excited about, right?

Wrong! Geberit, the Switzerland-based sanitary technology giant, produces innovative solutions to make your toilet work for you, both technically and aesthetically. Their concealed in-wall carrier toilet frames and actuators allow for modern and attractive installation of the increasingly popular wall-mounted toilets.

Most actuator plates are sleek and minimalist, featuring one or two discreet push buttons and designed to blend in. Their newest product, the Sigma80 actuator plate, takes hygiene and ease of use to an entirely new level.


The Sigma80 is a touchless, motion-activated actuator operated by the wave of your hand – no touching required, and therefore less germ-spreading. Its flat glass plate features two thin strips of light (with five color choices to match your individual preferences) for the ultimate modern appearance. Simply wave your hand in front of either light field to activate the flushing mechanism – no fingerprints or germs left behind!

 Worried about it being too futuristic and complicated? Geberit’s way ahead of you.

The Sigma80 can be programmed to suit your lifestyle. You can choose to leave the lights on or have them turn on only when the plate senses that the toilet is in use. Unable (or too lazy) to wave your hand at the plate? It can be set to flush automatically after every use! Concerned about triggering the flush when you’re just hanging out in the bathroom? Cleaning mode temporarily disables it. You can even put the toilet on “vacation mode” to flush at predetermined times and keep the system running smoothly.

I can’t think of anything else I’d want it to do. Can you?

Check out the full line of Geberit Sigma products at Quality Bath. You won’t be disappointed!