Decorative Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

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Reflections For a New Millenium

Medicine cabinets are designed to store your bathroom items, but they also add to the décor of a room. Pamper yourself and your bathroom with Afina’s magnificent Medicine Cabinets. These medicine cabinets are gracefully designed and crafted to add splendor to any bathroom or powder room.

A variety of styles and finishes are available to suit any decor. The sleek shapes of Afina medicine cabinets add an understated elegance to the bathroom. Stylish medicine cabinets are the ideal solution to discreetly disguise your toiletries.

Here are some of Afina’s beautiful new designs for 2010:

Afina Radience Venetian Single Door Cut Traditional Medicine Cabinet

The Radience Venetian, single door, traditional mirrored medicine cabinet

Afina Vanderbilt Collection Framed Medicine Cabinet

The Vanderbilt Collection framed mirrored medicine cabinet

Afina Wilshire 2 Small Medicine Cabinet

The Wilshire 2 Small mirrored medicine cabinet

Afina Metro Small Medicine Cabinet

The Metro Small mirrored medicine cabinet

Afina Radience Venetian Single Door Traditional Medicine Cabinet

Radience Venetian square single door traditional medicine cabinet

Afina Vanderbilt Triple Door Framed Medicine Cabinet

The Vanderbilt Triple Door Framed Medicine Cabinet

Use these gorgeous medicine cabinets to add an elegant touch to your bathrooms décor while adding storage space and avoiding clutter.

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  1. Singlima

    Hi –

    I have a small retro bathroom and would like an oval brushed silver with beads if I can find medicine cabinet. My dimensions are:

    19 3/4 Height x 15 3/4 Width x 3 1/2-4 1/2 Depth.

    Can you please let me know if you have anything like this?

    Thanks! Sharon

    • Hi Sharon, give our sales team a call – they’ll be able to help you find what you need. 800-554-3210. Good luck!

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