Holiday Entertaining MUST HAVES!

Celebrate this holiday season in stylish elegance!

Entertain your guest with magnificent Edgar Berebi tabletop jewelry! Just one unique piece from this celebrated designer will make a statement that will last till next holiday season!

Edgar Berebi Madrid Stemware
Madrid Collection
Edgar Berebi Milan Stemware
Milan Collection
Edgar Berebi St. Moritz Stemware
St. Moritz Collection

Edgar Berebi designs some of the worlds most stunning stemware. The intricately detailed artwork brings a glass of wine to a new sphere of heaven.

Edgar Berebi Wine Bottle Holder
Wine Bottle Holder

This ornate wine bottle holder will double as a centerpiece for you holiday table.

Edgar Berebi Lillian Napkin Ring
Lillian Collection

The Lillian napkin rings are so amazingly detailed and stunning even the most unobservant guests will gasp in delight!

Edgar Berebi Barcelona Collection
Barcelona Collection
Edgar Berebi Ophelia Collection
Ophelia Collection
Edgar Berebi Ursula Collection
Ursula Collection
Edgar Berebi Barcelona Serving-Salad Spoon
Barcelona Collection

Only with Edgar Berebi can serving pieces have such intense impact!

Please send in feedback on your guests reactions! We would love to hear the effect your Edgar Berebi collectibles had!

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Entertaining MUST HAVES!”

  1. My husband knows that whenever he’s getting me a gift he is always safe with an Edgar Berebi. Each piece is so beautiful and a delight to look at. They are really expensive but I am slowly adding to my collection and enjoying every minute of it!

  2. I’m always trying to impress my mother-in-law. I know it sounds silly but she is so perfect and no matter what I do I can’t outshine her. Last thanksgiving my husband gave me the Edgar Berebi Lillian Napkin rings because he is so “thankful” for having me in his life. Needless to say I was thrilled with such an exquisite gift! The crowning glory was when his Mom flipped out over how stunning my thanksgiving table looked. They are really table jewelry! Made me so happy I love using them for special occasions!

  3. If you know my husband please tell him I would LOVE the Edgar Berebi serving pieces for Christmas!

  4. Edgar Berebi is always my back-up plan for people who have everything! I’ve bought it a few times and everyone loves it. They are also collectibles so you can keep adding new peices.

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