How to Use Fairy Lights… All Year Round

Tis the season for… fairy lights! But guess what? Fairy lights aren’t seasonal. You can use them all year, outdoors and indoors. Thanks to LED bulbs, these twinklers are energy-efficient and cool, so low fire risk, and they’re just so fanciful and downright pretty! Fairy lights are far cheaper and easier to install than spotlights or other hardwired fixtures, which means you can take them off as you wish and can hang them in a rental without losing your security deposit.

Here’s where, how, and why you should give your house some string light love.


Well, obviously. But not in the way you think. Don’t just string them from trees or around your window and door frames! Use them to illuminate a pergola or trellis, hang them vertically to create a shimmery curtain (a la Little Mermaid Kiss the Girl), light up an awesome sculpture, turn that yard into a romantic getaway spot… the possibilities are infinite!

Landscape by Deakinlock Garden Design
Pool by Mondo Exclusive Homes
Patio by Peg Berens Interior Design LLC
Patio by Living Interiors
Patio by The Fire Place Ltd

Cozy spots

The low light provided by fairy lights makes it perfect for bedrooms and other cozy spots, adding a touch of whimsy and magic. Hook them up to your headboard, canopy or four-poster bed for an ethereal effect.

Bedroom by Hopkins Designs
Bedroom by Madison Petro
Bedroom by Tomás da Silva
Bedroom by DecorBuddy
Bedroom by Three B Design
Bedroom by Madison Petro

You can also use them to define or highlight a space (hallway, accent wall, etc.).


Try turning fairy lights into a replacement for traditional fixtures; put a coil of them into a jar or other container to create a lamp or secure them to the bottom of a crate as a quirky pendant.

Put a battery-powered strand in a bell jar for an artsy DIY light.

This trick also works with a geometric lantern or terrarium.

Hall by Ghirardelli Architetti
Backyard by swelldone

Kids’ spaces

Add an element of mystery and playfulness with fairy lights in your kids’ bedrooms and playrooms.

Bedroom by Garnet Hill
Kids’ Space by Interior Images
Nursery by My Little Beginnings
Bedroom by Corynne Pless

So much sparkly awesomeness! Where will you hang your fairy lights?