Top 35 Home Design Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

As the year draws to a close, we’re all looking back at the (sometimes unbelievable) things that have happened over the last twelve months and looking ahead at the potential of the new year. A huge part of our year here at the Quality Bath blog has been discovering the best home design blogs that are out there – some well-known, some hidden gems, from all over the world – in our quest to bring you high-quality content alongside our high-quality products.

That’s why we’re proud to share our list of favorite home design blogs with you, our loyal readers! Each of these blogs give us a unique insight into the world of home design and lifestyles so different from – yet somehow so similar to – our own. They’ve inspired us, taught us new tricks, kept us riveted, and made us laugh. With so many blogs out there, it’s hard to find the best ones – we’re confident that you’ll love these as much as we do!

In no particular order, here are our top picks for the best design blogs of 2016.

1. The Roomie Blog

Based in far-off New Zealand, blogger Tina Stephen is an experienced designer who shares her creative spirit and guidance with tips, tours, and unusual finds. We love her unique online “design kits” that give you that decor boost without having to budget for an expensive designer.

Tina Stephens, Roomie Blog

2. DecorDots

Love all things Scandinavian? Though Anu is based in Estonia (in Northern Europe, for you non-geographical people) her blog is all about the sleek, chic, minimalistic Scandinavian style that’s super-popular worldwide. It’s like an elegant IKEA catalog!

Via DecorDots

3. FANCY! Design Blog

Back to New Zealand… this site features a curated collection of pure home-good goodness. Scroll through crisp high-resolution images of home and commercial decor, styling, and assorted design-related pieces from all over the world (“but especially from New Zealand”).

Via FANCY! Design Blog

4. Lauren Nicole Designs

The design showcased on this blog is both chic and welcoming, much like the designer herself: Lauren Nicole, interior designer in Charlotte, North Carolina. The projects featured are beautifully executed with classic Southern comfort.

Via Lauren Nicole Designs

5. m{pression by Studio M

Based in Tampa, Florida, the Studio M team is passionate about their design. Their blog reflects that passion with colorful posts featuring projects, travel, and handpicked elements that everyone can use.

Via Studio M

6. greige design

Don’t be put off by its name; this blog is anything but dull! We’re loving this travel-inspired, down-to-earth blog, especially the project features and the very specific gift guides (globetrotter; girl boss; modern mountaineer…) that everyone should take a look at this time of year.

Via greige blog

7. MyDubio

Fashion. Interiors. DIY. Travel. This blog’s got it all, with minimalist (and budget-friendly) style picks as well as exclusive and unique (and honest!) viewpoints on the places and people you’ve always wanted to see. (Strong language warning)

Via MyDubio

8. The Happy Flat

This one just makes you… well… happy. This UK-based interior and lifestyle blog is refreshingly cheerful, colorful, and loaded with relevant and fun inspiration from all over the world.

Via The Happy Flat

9. Room to Bloom

Dedicated entirely to children’s rooms, this blog by Dutch designer Ursula showcases whimsical, playful designs. It’s a must-see for anyone who wants to decorate for kids without resorting to tacky or trite decor.

Via Room to Bloom

10. Lindsay Hill Interiors

Kathleen Field has something that not every interior designer can offer: lots of personal life experience in home decorating (besides her professional work). Her love for great design shines in every post; we love the option to “shop her home” for the pieces she has in her own house!

Via Lindsay Hill Interiors

11. that nordic feeling

Written by Danish journalist-cum-design enthusiast Rikke, this blog is chock-full of starkly sophisticated Nordic interiors. It’s satisfyingly neat and sleek throughout, even the clean layout and text styling.

Via that nordic feeling

12. Too Chic for Words

This brand-new blog – not too many posts, but we’re betting that it’ll pick up with its collaborative-blogger approach and fresh ideas in design, entertaining, and food. Check it out – when it’s hugely popular, you can say that you’ve been watching it since the beginning!

Via Too Chic for Words

13. Meme Hill

New York-based designer Amie Freling-Brown lives, works, and breathes her mantra: “Life’s too short for white walls.” Her blog, naturally, backs her up with never-bland posts laden with color, texture, and handy how-tos.

Via Meme Hill

14. 2 Ladies & a Chair

On this refreshing, stylish site, down-to-earth blogger Joan shares tips for infusing your home with new life and incorporating trends without breaking the bank.

Via 2 Ladies & a Chair

15. Crazy Chic Design

She’s not a designer by trade, but Amy has a natural flair for aesthetics and architecture. Her styling tips and DIYs are easy enough for everyone to get in on the action!

Via Crazy Chic Design

16. Maison de Cinq

Despite the Frenchiness of its name (it translates to “house of five”), a visit to this blog makes you feel at home. Dedicated to cozy yet chic classic spaces, fashion, and food – interspersed with inspirational musings – it’s a welcoming place to be!

sheila-irwin17. She Leaves a Little Sparkle

Looking for a lighthearted, glittery alternative to austere, modern blogs? Here’s the antidote to stark-white overload! It is, quite literally, sparkly and upbeat – beauty, home, DIYs – from top to bottom.

Via She Leaves a Little Sparkle

18. Happy Happy Nester

Optimism overload! This sweet blog features crafting, cooking, travel, and a hefty dose of home decorating, all in an irresistibly cheerful tone. Who else could break up the trendy white with soft colors and make it look this good?happy-happy-nester

19. Brepurposed

Blogger and graphic designer Bre invites readers into her home and her head with tantalizing peeks at her decor, projects, crafts, and guides. And, while not everything’s repurposed, a lot of it is – and it’s truly inspiring.

Via Brepurposed

20. The Inspired Room

Actual remodels in real time? Check. Professional design blogger? Check. Awesome style? Check. This blog has it all. Check it out! (Pun not really intended…)

Via The Inspired Room

21. EyeSwoon

Yes, you will swoon. Swoon-worthy food, rooms, and decor for the creative design lover abound on this eye-pleasing site. We’re swooning over the 10 Essentials posts for every instance and situation.

Via EyeSwoon

22. Old Brand New

Eclectic design meshes with cohesiveness on this portfolio-slash-home tour goldmine by interior designer, photographer, and self-proclaimed “vintage vulture” Dabito. He can artfully transform just about anything old into something brand new.

Via Old Brand New

23. Savvy Home

Coastal comfort with just a just-right dash of sophistication? We’re in! Savvy Home features that perfect mix of home and entertaining inspiration with travel and shopping guides for extra flavor. Get cozy just by scrolling through the posts!

Via Savvy Home

24. Amber Interiors

To say that this woman is high on home design would be an understatement. Her enthusiasm is infectious as she shares tips, projects, inspiration, and glimpses into the life of someone who truly loves her job and lives her passion.

Via Amber Interiors

25. Lark & Linen

Visit this blog by Canadian interior designer Jacquelyn Clark and feel instantly at peace. Her posts, her projects, and even her profile picture are infused with a sense of tranquility. We’re loving her clean, white design and homey orderliness displayed in every image!

Via Jacquelyn Clark

26. Wit & Delight

What started out as a modest blog by marketing consultant Kate Arends in 2008 is now a full-fledged lifestyle blog and real-life line of products. It’s cleanly laid out so you can easily find relevant – and inspiring – posts on renovations, fashion and beauty, travel, DIY, family, culture, and so much more. It’s all here!

Via Wit & Delight

27. Apartment 34

Rich, elegant posts on decor, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and travel will keep you riveted to this blog that’s come a long way from its humble beginnings (originally chronicling a personal redecorating). It’s loaded with sophisticated goodness and drool-worthy pictures (and we don’t just mean the recipe posts!).

Via Apartment 34

28. Paper & Stitch

DIYers, meet your new Pinterest. Founder Brittni Mehlhoff posts easy-to-implement DIYs and covetable recipes, interiors, and fashion ensembles in her signature “organic modern with a little bit of mid-century” style.

Via Paper & Stitch

29. The Design Files

We’re going Down Under again! Based in Australia, this blog takes you on breathtaking tours of people, places, and things worldwide. With daily content on architecture, interiors, gardens, food, and art, you’ll get a closeup of something new every day. The world just keeps getting smaller!

Via The Design Files

30. Little Green Notebook

Jenny Komenda of Phoenix’s Juniper Studio has a busy life; she’s an interior designer and regular contributor to Better Home & Gardens, Babble, and Domino Magazine. But she still makes time for her readers on Little Green Notebook, a collection of her favorite ideas and projects, tips, DIYs, and products – and we love her for it!

Via Little Green Notebook

31. Brittany Makes

Brittany of The Vintage Rug Shop shows us that though her expertise is in rugs and textiles, she’s no slouch when it comes to DIYs, home decor, and design inspiration. (And, of course, a bunch of vintage rug awesomeness!)

Via The Vintage Rug Shop

32. A Beautiful Mess

Just in case the name of this blog isn’t enough of an indication, we’ll state the obvious: it’s not one of those that will make you feel bad about your clutter. Two sisters run this comfortable, yet beautiful, blog that will fit into anyone’s life with food, decor, crafts, style, and motivation to embrace imperfection.

Via A Beautiful Mess

33. Simply Grove

A team of passionate designers, led by Kirsten Grove, shares eye-catching decor inspiration with just the right combination of trendiness, attainability, and comfort. Every enticing post is laced with practical tips that even the most inexperienced decorator wannabe can implement!

Via Simply Grove

34. McMansion Hell

Welcome to your new guilty pleasure! This blog is comically loaded with snarky, unvarnished critique of the ubiquitous McMansion. It’s what you’re thinking – but don’t want to really admit – baldly laid out for your enjoyment. We guarantee you’ll be nodding along!

Via McMansion Hell


35. City Farmhouse

For all you country girls and boys – at heart or in real life – this blog will speak to you. It’s casual, cozy chic at its best, full of comfy inspiration and sensible DIYs, recipes, decorating solutions, and musings from the heart.

Via City Farmhouse

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