Flying Free: Bird Cage Decor

Now, it may seem oxymoronic to use a bird cage as a symbol of freedom and flight. After all, caged birds are not free at all; they’re confined to their unnatural habitat, a sight that may be depressing for many as it represents a loss of freedom.

However, an empty bird cage serves as a reminder of breaking free, of flying, of independence.

Bird cages make awesome decor – depending on the size, shape, and style, they can be funky, modern, vintage, romantic, and even useful. (The freedom imagery and symbolism are added bonuses!) By design, bird cages are light but distinctly beautiful, so they add stylish visual interest without adding weight to a room.

Try cage-inspired decor if you’re not wild about (pun fully intended) the actual bird cage:

Arteriors Athena Sconce
Arteriors Ruben Large End Table
Bird Cage Lamps, via
Arteriors Prudence Cachepot
Kids’ Room by Oniroco
Living Room by Elena Calabrese
Arteriors Adele Pendant

To get the full effect, though, you’ll need some real cages (or images).

Bird Cage Wallpaper, via
Porch by Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio
Family Room by Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC
Dining Room by Andrea Brooks Interiors
Entryway by Just a Girl
Porch by Crisp Architects
Porch by Mina Brinkey
Dining Room by My Romantic Home
Photo credit: Chris A Dorsey Photography


Bird Cages Wallpaper by Brewster Home Fashions
(And yes, you can make your own bird cage chandelier! Click here for instructions.)
Living Room by PLAN architecture | design | strategy

You can even complete the free-as-a-bird metaphor if you wish:

Arteriors Dove Small Box

Changes the way you look at bird cages, doesn’t it?

What symbolic pieces do you have in your home?