Linen Closet Organizing Hacks

It’s not summer yet, so technically you can still spring clean! Now’s the perfect time to tackle those toppling piles of sheets, pillows, towels, and all the other stuff that somehow winds up crammed into the linen closet. It may be a daunting task, but it’ll take less time than you think – and leave you feeling so accomplished.

Whatever the size or layout of your linen closet, these practical tips will help you whip it into shape in no time.

The great purge

The first step is the most important: getting rid of everything you don’t need. Those threadbare sheets that you’re saving “just in case” for emergency company? You’re not going to use them. Toss sheet sets and towels as soon as you replace them, or turn them into rags when appropriate. (If they’re sentimental, pack them up and store them with all of your other keepsakes.)

Fold it right

Sloppy stacks? Not anymore. You can find dozens of video tutorials on folding, especially fitted sheets (nobody seems to get that right). Here’s our favorite:

To keep sheet sets together and neat, fold the sheets and insert each set into one of the coordinating pillow cases. It will stay together and it’s super easy to identify each set!

Via Martha Stewart


Do the towels properly, too:

You can also roll towels for a more luxurious feel and attractive appearance (if your linen closet is open or glass). When done and stacked properly, rolled towels can even save space.

Bathroom by XTC Design Incorporated
Use the door

The back of the linen closet door can be a huge asset. Hang an ironing board, towel rods (for towels or tablecloths, to prevent wrinkling), or a shoe organizer to hold odds and ends or rolled towels.

Via Simplicity in the South
Via Better Homes & Gardens

Custom shelves

No, not the expensive California Closet-esque variety (although those work too!). Once you’ve taken inventory of all of your stuff, purged the excess, and folded everything nicely, give each set its own space. That way, when the novelty of your organized closet wears off, you’ll still have to fold and put everything away neatly so that each towel fits into its compartment!

Install brackets on top of shelves to divide the space:

Via Country Living

(You can even do it with wire shelving.)

Via HomeTalk (click for tutorial)

Utilize every inch of vertical space with under-shelf baskets:

Via Country Living

Use large totes or baskets for unwieldy blankets, pillows, or oversized towels that tend to topple over.

Closet by Sforganized Interiors

Use small drawers or shelves to suit your needs. Get creative! Try corralling washcloths with a file sorter.

Outsource the closet

In some newer homes, the linen closet is obsolete (who came up with that idea?) or woefully undersized. If your linen closet leaves much to be desired, store things where they’ll be used: sheets in the appropriate bedroom (when they’re folded as shown above, they won’t take up much space), towels in the bathroom (a freestanding or wall-mounted linen tower comes in handy), table linens in the kitchen, beach towels in the mudroom.

Kitchen by Heartwood Kitchens
Ronbow Wall Cabinet


Entry by CRG Companies


Bedroom by Tess Fine
Keep all guest room linens – towels, blankets, sheets, pillows – together in a large bin or box. Stow your “guest room in a box” away in the guest room (preferably) so that you’ll have everything on hand when you need it. Never worry about not having clean towels when last-minute guests show up!
Now you can cross another (dreaded) task off of your spring cleaning list. That wasn’t so bad, was it?