Franke Peak Kitchen Sink without bar
Dubbed “the single biggest innovation in residential sinks in many years”

The PEAK sink series, by Franke, is a novelty, raising the bar on design while setting a new standard for marrying form to function and hand fabrication to consistency.

The PEAK is square in geometry and minimalist in style but is harmonious with even traditional kitchens. “The genius of the new PEAK designs,” says Charles F. Lawrence, General Manager of Franke’s Luxury Products Division in the US, “is to be able simultaneously to hit the mark in both handcrafting and consistency.”
Franke PEAK Kitchen Sink

The beauty of the geometry is apparent and the near invisibility of the precision welding and engineering are details that guarantee peak performance. Additionally, the bottoms of these sinks are 100% useful. Their chic, equilateral drain covers not only maintain the sinks’ overall square geometry, but at the same time double the straining power while concealing the waste disposer or waste kit. The sink is remarkably practical with options for a twist-up knob, lock in cutting board, colander and ergonomically easing bottom shelf.

Aesthetically beautiful and amazingly functional, the PEAK sink brings supreme style and convenience to any kitchen.
Frank PEAK series cutting board, colander and drain