Choosing the RIGHT Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink

Choosing the right kitchen sink is an important decision that greatly affects the style and efficiency of a kitchen. Factors to consider when buying a sink include, size of the basin, style and material, price range and function. Looking at these aspects carefully can help buyers find the perfect option that will be functional and give owners years of enjoyment.

Mila Atelier Stainless Steel sink
Large Mila Atelier Sink

The size of the kitchen sink is an important characteristic that many people overlook. In smaller homes, where counter space and storage are tight, a smaller sink may be the best option. However, in homes without a dishwasher or where a large number of people share the same space, a larger sink is ideal. Buyers must also choose between a single basin or divided basin. A divided basin, which is commonly seen in stainless steel sinks, allows users to accomplish multiple jobs at once when the different sides of the basin are used for different tasks. Many people prefer to have a larger basin, such as the basins seen in apron kitchen sinks or fireclay sinks, because of the increased space within the single basin. No matter which type of sink is chosen, be sure to choose a basin that is large enough for the number of people and tasks for which the sink will be used.

Whitehaus Fireclay Farm Sink
Whitehaus Fireclay Farm Sink

Style is another important consideration. Many people first choose their kitchen faucet and then choose a sink that coordinates. Matching the sink and faucet to the rest of the home and kitchen design gives the home a polished look. Fireclay sinks and apron kitchen sinks are often used in homes that feature traditional or country decor, whereas stainless steel sinks are a great option for more contemporary or modern kitchens. Although some people follow the trends, others choose whatever they like best, whether their favorites follow the trends or not.

Blanco BlancoPrecis Anthracite Kitchen Sink
Blanco BlancoPrecis Anthracite Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are commonly made of stainless steel, porcelain, fireclay or stone. Each of these materials has its benefits. Stainless steel sinks are made of steel that does not rust or stain. These sinks are affordable options that offer a sleek metallic look. People who anticipate using heavy objects in the sink may prefer a less malleable material, such as porcelain, fireclay or stone. Porcelain is also a very affordable option for the kitchen, although care must be exercised because of the tendency to stain. Fireclay is known as an affordable luxury. These ceramic sinks will not stain or discolor, can withstand extreme temperatures,outperform sinks made of other materials and are often less expensive than stone. Stone sinks are considered to be high-end sinks that are worth the price for their color, beauty and feel. Choice of material affects the look, feel, price and durability of the sink, so it is an important factor to consider.

Elkay Harmony Harmony Double Bowl Sink with Ribbed Work Area and Cutting Board
Elkay Harmony Double Bowl Sink with Ribbed Work Area

Price is an important consideration when shopping for a sink, but price should be viewed together with function. There are many affordable models that range from standard to luxury, but the function for which the sink will be used is just as important. Some people use their sink for cooking, washing their hands, washing dishes and little else. Other people use the sink for a range of activities other than washing dishes, including washing pets, arts and crafts projects, beauty regimens and even bathing their babies. Having the right basin and the right kitchen faucet makes these tasks much more enjoyable and worry-free. Not only should buyers consider the durability and size of the basin, they should also look at the maneuverability and ergonomics of the faucet in order to have a sink that is both functional and stylish.

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