5 Country Style Kitchen Sinks

A country style or farmhouse sink is essential to a kitchen with a rustic decor. As a throwback to utilitarian sensibility and down to home charm, country style sinks add depth and warmth to your kitchen as well as sturdy and reliable performance. Though an old-fashioned apron sink may look the part don’t mistake them for your grandma’s kitchen sink. Take a look at some of these top-selling farmhouse sinks to see how the top designers are reinventing the country-style sink.

Herbeau Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

image~q~58f10a48e5b7c85e3164c2dfd937a8d1.jpg 5 Country Style Kitchen Sinks

This farmhouse sink from Herbeau, made from top-of-the line fireclay, will give a smooth, warm look and feel to your country style kitchen. Pictured here paired with a wall-mount faucet, this Herbeau apron front sink exudes quintessential country charm.

Whitehaus Vineyard Hand Painted Fireclay Sink With A Grapevine Design

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With a hand painted design and the Whitehaus standard of quality and excellence, the Vineyard country style sink will give your kitchen a customized style. Perfect for restored homes reaching towards that “period” look, this sink is charmingly nostalgic.

Houzer Copper Kitchen Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink

image~q~HW COP12.jpg 5 Country Style Kitchen Sinks

Made from hand hammered copper with an antique finish, this Houzer double bowl farmhouse sink ages gracefully, deepening in color to a rich, caramel patina. A true addition to your kitchen’s rustic appeal, this sink will delight with varying hues as it matures beautifully throughout the generations.

Mitrani 33 Inch Double Bowl Apron Sink

image~q~double%20fluted%20on%20a%20vanity%20base(1).jpg 5 Country Style Kitchen Sinks

Mitrani‘s double bowl apron sink combines the best of both worlds, giving you double the workspace for rinsing vegetables, washing dishes or filling pots. As a tactful execution of traditional style and design with modern functionality, a Mitrani apron sink looks splendid with both traditional and contemporary decor.

Native Trails Bungalow Copper Apron Front Kitchen Sink

image~q~20d92dbeeb3bdf8c57eaea071eafeb7f.jpg 5 Country Style Kitchen Sinks

This bungalow copper apron sink from Native Trails displays truly authentic artisan quality. Made from high quality, sustainable materials, a Native Trails farmhouse sink does good for both your country style sink and the environment.

A farmhouse style sink will bring traditional charm into your kitchen and boosts your home’s resale value. As a testament to the enduring good taste of country-style decor, farmhouse sinks have remained popular for ages and are sure to remain a fixture in the archetypal American home.

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