10 Reasons To A Consider A Stone Kitchen Sink

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While stainless steel sinks represent a modern age of versatility and stark pragmatism, stone kitchen sinks exude a warm, Old World charm by melding form, function and irresistible style. The stone kitchen sink has become an increasingly popular choice for new and renovated kitchens due to its beauty and strength. If seeing an exquisite stone sink in person doesn’t convince you, the following ten reasons will:

1. Distinctiveness. Each stone sink is completely unique and can be designed to match your stone counter tops. With a stone kitchen sink, your home will have a truly singular decor.

Farm Sink with Broken Edge Front - KF33SB-BE

2. Scratch resistance. Unlike thinner gauged stainless steel, stone sinks are highly scratch resistant. Composite stone, in particular, is virtually scratch-proof.

3. Many looks. There is a veritable rainbow of options when it comes to choosing your stone kitchen sink, each with its own distinct look and feel. Composite stone kitchen sinks come in neutral tones such as almond and dark gray. Granite sinks can be found in hues from a dark anthracite to a rich cafe brown. The warm colors of a stone sink can be a refreshing alternative to the uniform colorlessness of stainless steel.

Adagio KT-001 Adagio Apron Front Granite Double Kitchen Sink - KT-001 Farm Sink with Broken Edge Front - KF33SB-BE
Adagio KT-001 Adagio Apron Front Granite Double Kitchen Sink – KT-001

Linkasink Tumbled Onyx Kitchen Farm House Sink - MV020
Linkasink Tumbled Onyx Kitchen Farm House Sink – MV020

4. Warm touch. While a metallic sink can grow quite chilly to the touch in colder months, a stone sink has a pleasantly warm tactile surface.

5. Stain-proof. Stone kitchen sinks, especially soapstone kitchen sinks, are incredibly resistant to stains. While other sinks will be forever besmirched by a splash of coffee or grape juice, stone sinks stay nearly pristine over time.

6. Comes in green. Stone is a completely natural material, making it highly sustainable. Some kitchen sinks are carved out of a single stone, making them the quintessential opposite of the highly manufactured items that leave a larger carbon footprint. Stone sinks make a greener kitchen.

7. Seal-able. Just like stone counter tops can be sealed to protect them from scratches, stains and dulling, so too can your stone sink. Stone kitchen sinks can be kept beautiful for decades with minimal maintenance.

8. Longevity. Stone sinks can be an excellent investment. Soapstone sinks will stay beautiful for decades upon decades, with only a, slight, yet graceful darkening as a sign of its maturity.

9. Heat resistance. Because stone kitchen sinks retain heat so well, a hot frying pan or pot in the sink won’t damage the surface.

10. Affordability. Once seen as a fixture for luxury kitchens only, the rising popularity of stone kitchen sinks has helped bring them into an accessible price range.

As you can see, stone kitchen sinks are attractive for more reasons than simple aesthetics. If you have never considered stone kitchen sinks, now is the time. Browse through your options carefully – you are sure to find a stone kitchen sink that catches your eye and matches your budget.

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  1. I have a granite kitchen sink in the kitchen. I like the kitchen sink is made of natural stone material like solid granite stone because in my opinion, the kitchen sink is made of natural stone can add beauty and durable over the years.

  2. Very nice kitchen sinks! I like the soapstone the best 🙂

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