Turn Your Home Extraordinary with the Latest Tile Design Trends 1

When redesigning your bathroom one of the most important factors to take into account is the color & style of your tiles. Tile is truly an amazing material that offers you limitless possibilities in designing a unique and dramatic look for your home. One style that you might consider for your new bathroom is Mix-&-Match Color Tones, Textures and Patterns.

Mix-&-Match Color Tones, Textures and Patterns

In this bathroom featured below, the designer selected a beige and brown toned floor tile and coupled it with dark brown and mosaic wall tile in different sizes, with a black stained bathroom vanity.

Juxtaposing the large solid wall tile against the mosaic creates a very original look that really makes this bathroom stand out. Because of recent advances in technologies, tile manufacturers have come up with a variety of creative new tile colors and tones, so make sure you make the most of this new wide range of options. Traditional cream-colored tiles and stones are still very popular and a great choice, but think about combining different tile color tones, textures and patterns to create your own very unique atmosphere.


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  1. Tile is the most easily cleaned and maintained surface for bathroom floors and walls. In addition to hygiene, it can add interesting and attractive effects to your bathroom

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