3 Of the World’s Weirder Kitchens

Modern kitchens defy the norms of traditional design. Whether out of necessity or sheer manic inspiration, some kitchens end up looking like something from the future or an alternate universe. But in spite of their otherworldly design and their off-the-wall decor, they all feature practical kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks that perfectly compliment conventional and crazy kitchens alike.

Purple Paradise


The color scheme here may make you “grimace,” but you have to admit that the design ain’t bad. Sporting a very nice single lever kitchen faucet and a smaller prep kitchen sink on the island, a well-lit home for the bonsai and in-wall appliances, housetohome named this among its “Weird and wonderful kitchens.” For a similar single lever look, check out the Grohe Alira Dual Spray Pull Out. If you’re considering emulating the purple hue, as well, you may want to consult with your spouse (and sanity) first.

Torpedoes Away!


No, this isn’t a New York City apartment – it’s a submarine. This is definitely an environment where too many cooks in the kitchen could spoil the broth (we’re thinking about 2 very slim sailors about maxes it out). The use of a wall-mounted kitchen faucet with a stainless steel sink (counters and appliances and cabinets, too) is a testament to the efficient utility of both. Need to save space in your sardine-can of a kitchen? Check out our wall mount kitchen faucets. Periscopes not included. (Photo by Marcin Wichary)

Kitchen Piston


From Switzerland with – roundness? This KWC multifunctional integrated work station, features cylindrical design that almost guarantees you won’t bang your elbows on any sharp corners. With a culinary kitchen faucet and a prep kitchen sink, this highly modern kitchen just may work out. Whether you’re making the rounds with your island or simply want a bit more professional quality in your kitchen, you may also want to consider a culinary kitchen faucet.

There you have it – three of the weirder kitchens to ever feature some pretty practical kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets. But we aren’t calling these the weirdest kitchens – we’re reserving that distinction for odd kitchens yet to be discovered. How about you? Do you have a weird, innovative or funky kitchen? Send in your pictures and we’ll feature them here, and you’ll be entered to win a Boca Terry robe !!!


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