Stick ’em Up! Decorative Decals for the Home

Everyone loves decals for decorating their homes. They’re inexpensive, temporary, and so much fun, perfect for decorating a rental and for those with temperamental tastes, especially children. There’s a decal for virtually every style and purpose: chandeliers for the romantic, roads for truck-loving kids, flowers for the girly-girl, tress for the nature buff and Harley-Davidson logos for the man cave – in addition to the polka dots, chevrons, and stripes in every color and size.

What you probably didn’t know is that decals have gone beyond the standard wall sticker. Check out these five inventive ways and places to stick on decals and improve your home’s appearance instantaneously!

Tile tattoos

Hate those hideous tiles but no budget to replace or repair them? Stick a “tile tattoo” – decals made specifically for tiles – in a color or pattern you love and transform your bathroom or backsplash.

Odhams Press Retile Hobson Wall Decal (Set of 10)
Optic Clover Tile Decal
Sevilla Retile Decal
Linen Tile Decal

Kitchen makeover

If you reeeally wanted a stainless steel fridge but couldn’t afford it, cover yours (or any other appliance – or even cabinets!) with stainless steel film (or other “finishes”) for a brand-new surface. When you can’t stand looking at your cracked laminate counters for one more second, cover them with an instant granite sticker and voila! New counters!

Instant Brushed Stainless Steel Film
Multipurpose Stainless Steel Drawer/Shelf Liner
Instant Granite Countertop

Bedroom beauty

Who needs a headboard? Stick on one of these beauties for a fraction of the price (and easy changeability with the styles!).

Black Faux Tufted Adhesive Headboard Wall Decal
Paul Moore’s Rusted Metal Headboard Wall Decal

For more styles, click here.

Instant sophistication

Moldings are expensive and a big commitment. Molding decals? Not so much.

Baroque Molding Wall Decals
Wall Decals by Luxe Architectural
Canopy Molding Ceiling Art Decals

Window treatment

Don’t forget about the windows – apply a playful decal for fun inside and out. (Or stick on a mirror, if you’d prefer – it leaves no residue!)

Aquatic-Themed Window Decals

Where will you stick a decal next?